Let's have coffee! What's your favorite coffee mug?


John K BBQ

TVWBB Wizard
Good morning everyone! I have to say that next to a cold beer, a hot cup of coffee is probably my 2nd most enjoyed beverage when cooking on the WSM. Whether getting up to stoke the coals after an all night cook, or getting one started early in the morning, coffee in the morning is one of my favorite things.

My other favorite thing about coffee is the mugs.... especially souvenir mugs that help you hang on to good memories, or ones that make you grin and laugh. Here's one of my souvenir mugs from a trip to Wisconsin a few years back. If you're ever near Bonduel Wisconsin (west of Green Bay), and like cars, or bbq, or both, Timeline Saloon and BBQ are worth checking out - it was one of my favorite business trip detours of all time.

How many cups do you need to get going in the morning? Share a pic of your favorite souvenir mug, or one that makes you grin!


Not a souvenir mug, but if you like your coffee hot (but not too hot) this is the only way to fly. For me, literally life changing. It is a fixture on my home office desk.

Even with a good insulated mug, the problem is that the coffee is initially too hot, then it is OK for a while, and then it is too cold.

With this guy, you set the temp EXACTLY where you like it and it stays there hour after hour after hour. Just like how a slow cooker or pellet grill keeps a stable temp. The mug is uninsulated metal so it absorbs the heat from the hot plate. Mug has a loose fitting lid to keep the joe from evaporating into sludge. So the entire cup is drinkable all the way to the bottom no matter how fast/slow you drink it. No more throwing out half cups that have gotten too cold -- so it is a money saver for me.

For me, I don't want my coffee to be 146F. Or 144F. I want it 145F after I put in the cream. And I want it to stay that way until I am done. This will do that.

P.S. You can use other regular mugs on the warmer, but flat bottom metal works the best.
One time I had a free promo ceramic mug from a fire truck manufacturer from Florida. It had the right heft to keep coffee warm and felt comfortable feel with the handle. Unfortunately, it vibrated off a fire truck I was working on an broke the handle off. I kept using it for about a decade more with enough dishwasher cycles to make a once red fire truck on it to being white with only the black outline left. Always measured any mug against that one. Never, ever found another one quite as good as that cheap piece from China.
This is probably my favorite coffee cup, but I don't use it much as it is fairly small: Nestle_World_Globe_Mug.jpg
My second favorite is my wife's tea mug, which I won't post here but you can find if you do a search on "naughty rabbits mug". She had it, and a companion one with elephants (since broken) for a long time before she took a good, close look at them and realized what all the cute little animals were really up to. ;)
My very favorite mug is an old, heavy, café mug.
Holds half the amount of the Longaberger posted earlier, so it's doesn't get a lot of use.