Let's have coffee! What's your favorite coffee mug?

I do not have a favorite mug. I use a SS double lined sipper that I received from a product manufacturer with whom I work. I have one large serving a day and this keeps it hot for a few hours in the AM.
I do have some nice mugs with Currier & Ives images for guests.

I found these on another website and am posting for amusement:


works great for coffee and whiskey
I love the way those mugs look. They're great for whiskey, but coffee gets cold too fast in them for me....
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This has become my favorite mug. My daughter made this for me a little while ago after the cute little girl in red (my granddaughter) graduated recently from collage, to be followed by my grandson in a few more years.
I forgot to add, I only use this mug on Sunday's with my favorite breakfast of a BLT. I don't want it to ever wear out.
Awesome thread! No pics yet, but just a standard Yeti 14 oz mug with the magnetic lid. Fits under my Keurig and my Aeropress, depending how I'm making it. Saw an earlier post on Black Rifle Coffee, it's my favorite. Good company, run by veterans, and they give to military, police, fire, first responder, and Second Amendment organizations. I usually order their Beyond Black, and Silencer Smooth myself.
The right arm of the free world.
We always had our 10-15 min coffee break around 9.30-10.00.
I always told the guys," hey let's break it's coffee time" , but none of the younger's drank coffee.
Usually a power drink like Monster or something similar. If they did have any coffee it was usually a iced one in the morning or a latte.
Sorry I like my joe black with no flavors.
I’m turning into the old guy, cofffee at break monster at lunch.