halfa racka pork

Jim Lampe

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Costco! sells racks of pork at 5 bucks and some change.
I bought a fat pack, but with just the girl and me, I figured i'd cut it in half.
so I did. vac sealed the other half for another time.

seasoned the 4 boner with some political penzey spices & a healthy dose of minced gaaarlic, then saran wrapped it

got the Weber Charcoal Summit Grill (or Weber Summit Charcoal Grill [whichever])
fixed up with Weber Briquettes and hickory wood...
drip pan in place (but not required), and let'er fly at 260ºF until it hit an internal temp of 145ºF

after (approximately) 2 hours 30 minutes... the halfa racka pork was done..
after resting about 15/20 minutes, I sliced it....

….and served it.

Wonderful smoky flavor with the true pork taste, it was a near perfect dinner.
Thank you for viewing this post, enjoy your evening! <('@')>

Frank H

TVWBB Gold Member
Boy o boy jim , it’s been a while since I checked in but you’re still killin it on the grill. That is bee yoo tee full.

J Grotz

TVWBB Super Fan
That looks spectacular, Jim! We just bought three of those from Costco, one for a test drive and two more for a dinner party we're hosting next month. I was going to sous vide and finish on the grill, but I may have to reconsider after seeing these.

Rich Dahl

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Wow! Great cook Jim. I was at Costco yesterday to pick up our pumpkin pie. Wish I had seen this earlier I would have checked out the meat dept. better. Our Costco has a huge parking lot, at 10am on Monday it took a half hour to find a parking spot. Just totally insane.