halfa racka pork

Jim Lampe

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
thanks again for more nice comments :)

today, I revisited Costco and sure enough, they had more racks of pork
so I bought two more.... this time on sale for only $2.99 lb

actually gonna smoke the other half of rack from last month... another 4 bone rack.

this rack is two days past due, but we'll still cook it up.



Thanks for that tip, Jim. I finally found them at Costco today...

And apparently I hit the lottery...$1.99 lb plus $3:00 off at the register. My 7+ pounder came out to about $1.57lb! :)


Thank you Jim Lampe for turning us onto the Rack of Pork at Costco, what a wonderful juicy hunk of deliciousness. My buddy said to heck with Prime Rib.

KToliver what a beautiful presentation.

I did it all wrong.

I seasoned the rack of pork with Kosher Salt and Course Black Pepper, seared it on the stove using a big frying pan and then got the Performer setup for reverse Vortex (big side up) rotisserie cook.

I cooked the rack at about 450°, having to take off the lid a few times because of extreme heat... All in all I cooked three of these Racks Of Pork and they all came out juicy. Too bad their seasonal....

Thanks for looking.

Timothy F. Lewis

TVWBB Hall of Fame
I’ve done crown roasts many times in the past, haven’t done one in a long time not as many on the guest list.
This is a great option for the six passenger family dinners we’ve been having lately.