pork butt

  1. B

    Upcoming Big Cook

    So... I've been asked to prepare some pulled pork for a church function in a few weeks and I'm really looking forward to it. I still don't know how much I'll be cooking (depends on how many people RVSP to the function), but I'm not the only one cooking so thankfully all the pressure is NOT on...
  2. B

    Mid-week Dinner & Weekend Lunch

    Got home from work on Thursday and decided to fire up the 22" kettle for a little dinner. Lit about 3/4 chimney of Kingsford Pro and added some unlit coals for good measure. Then crammed some legs on the indirect side of the cooking grate After the legs were done, I add a few more...
  3. S

    Year-round temperature control - 18" WSM

    Hello all, I got my first WSM this past July and have been learning a TON. I've been cooking in all kinds of weather and temperatures, too. Are there any 'rules of thumb' for adjusting to the outside temperature in order to maintain smoker temperature? For example, what percentage faster does...
  4. D

    Foil problem - pulled pork with apple cider vinegar

    I made my best pan of pulled pork yet today. The only weird part was that after wrapping the pork in foil and putting it in the oven to finish off, I noticed the juices leaked out of the foil and into the pan. When I went to pull it, the foil wasn't punctured, but dissolved a little bit. When I...
  5. MMosher

    Heavy ash on pork shoulder - help please!

    Hi all, hoping for some advice or feedback. I pulled an allnighter in an attempt to have a delicious pulled pork lunch. My goal was to get a beautiful crust, so I did not wrap the pork at all, and I did not lift the lid for a full 7 hours. As you can see in the pics, there is some pretty heavy...
  6. J

    Six pork butts this weekend

    I am new to the forum. I recently bought a WSM 22 and have been having a lot of fun with ribs and chickens. Prior to the WSM I have done some whole hog in the ground as well as smoking Ribs and pork butts on the Weber Grill. This weekend I am smoking six pork butts for a party and the nerves...
  7. G

    Great party Great food

    Well folks I did it. BBQ for 60+ people in my backyard. It was a great party and the food was great. it was a challenge but it was worth it. 4 briskets 4 pork butts and over 100 chicken drumsticks! The plan was to eat at 6 pm so I got started at 2 am. Get the charcoal ready, trim and season...
  8. N

    Half a pork butt in progress, WSM growing pains

    Hey all, Somewhat new WSM 18 owner here, I rocked a Smokey Joe for 6 years before graduating to a 22.5 kettle, picking up a second 22.5 used for 75 and finally the WSM used for 100 bucks. I’m fairly proficient at kettle smoking ribs using a 3+3+1 technique, that’s why I got the second kettle...
  9. Ryan.M

    Pork Butt - SugarFree Rub

    Hey All - I am trying to cut down on sugar and wanted to try a rub that had no sugar. Can i use the SPOG Rub? (Salt/Pepper/Onion/Garlic) . Is it good just that simple? Or are there some that may be better? I would like to keep it simple.
  10. B

    Inject - yes or no

    I am preparing two pork butts and wanted an opinion if I should inject them or not. If I do, any recommendations would be helpful. I am thinking some rub with some apple juice.
  11. S

    First Pork Butt for SB

    I'm tackling my first long smoke tonight for the SB. We have about 23 adults and 24 kids showing up tomorrow. Needless to say, I gotta get this smoke right! I have two bone-in pork butts that are each around 10 lbs. I didn't have to trim much fat at all. I plan to start around 10-11...
  12. S Thakkar

    22.5" WSM Question - How much pulled pork can I make?

    Hey everyone, I've yet to max out my 22.5 WSM, but I'm making pulled pork for my church. Anyone have an idea about how much pulled pork you can yield from it? Or, how many I can feed? Thinking simple: Small sammiches using Hawaiian bread + slaw and potato salad as a side. Thanks in advance...
  13. A

    First Smoked Pork Butt... Whatcha think??

    Hey Guys, I decided that it was time to get in on some of this pork butt action so here is my first attempt at smoking one on the good ole WSM 22 aka Nadie! I smoked at a temp of about 265 for the duration of the cook. Butt was placed on at 7:45am EST and removed at 1:30pm. [/URL] This was her...
  14. M

    Pork Butt Help

    Hey all, I just got a 22" and I'm 0-2. I started a cook yesterday at 10am (cold day 17 degrees) at a steady 250 degrees. At the 6 hour mark the temp started dropping because my coal was depleted. I removed the pork butt and wrapped it in aluminum foil to rest. I ran to the store, reloaded...
  15. D

    Wrapping brisket and pork roast and using the juice

    I pretty much always wrap my brisket and pork roast in heavy duty aluminum foil, both at around 160 degrees. I then cook them for several more hours until they reach about 195. I then will let them rest for at least an hour (after opening foil for some time to stop cooking) - my question is...
  16. C

    1st time pork shoulder (inferior to pork butt?)

    I have a 9 lb Boston blade pork shoulder. I'm a year into ownership of my WSM 22 and have been very pleased, but have not cooked a pork shoulder. Is there a reason so many topics here are about the pork butt? My local grocery has plenty of pork shoulders but I don't usually see pork butts. I...
  17. D

    Weber Smokey Mountain and Bark Question

    Hello all I live in Laurel, Md (suburb of DC) and I've had my WSM for about a year. My question is what is the best way to get a good bark with the WSM on brisket and pork butt? (I use a homemade rub consisting of salt, brown sugar, paprika and other spices) I've done about 10 of each on the WSM...
  18. M

    Need some help guys. Brisket and pork- same time

    You guys were awesome with my first brisket smoke a few weeks ago. I have a 15# packer (before trimming) ready to go on tonight before bed and now have my parents and the in laws are coming over too. Thinking I may not have enough meet for 9 adults. I can run and buy a pork butt real quick...
  19. M

    Logistics for Pork Butt & Baby Backs on a Single WSM

    I am having a few people over to the lake tomorrow & am planning to serve some smoked pork for dinner. I was planning on a combo of baby backs & pork butt. I realize choosing one would be easier but, oh well, I enjoy a challenge & would like to give it a try for possible future endeavors. So I...
  20. G

    My first EVER Pork Butt Smoke on WSM 22.5" with QMaster Lite ATC and Apple wood

    I have been gearing up to this for a while and thought I would share my journey with you all. I got the WSM for my Birthday off my better half and am keen to get cracking! Months of research have brought me to this point and I am almost ready to go this weekend. The only things outstanding are...