Need some help guys. Brisket and pork- same time



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You guys were awesome with my first brisket smoke a few weeks ago. I have a 15# packer (before trimming) ready to go on tonight before bed and now have my parents and the in laws are coming over too. Thinking I may not have enough meet for 9 adults. I can run and buy a pork butt real quick. If so, opinions and tips would be really appreciated.
I would think that a 15# packer would be enough but pork butt at the same time would give you plenty of leftovers. It would help to know what cooker you are using though.
Sorry, I have a 22.5 WSM. You are likely right that I will have enough, I would just hate to not have plenty. Maybe I should trust that it will be ok with just the brisket.
I always figure a 1/2 a pound of meat per person. Even at that there is usually some left over. You have more than a pound each even when you figure trimming and shrinkage. IMO your good.
Another question, what sides are you serving. That is also something to factor in. The more sides, sometimes means less meat consumed. And maybe do something like garlic bread. Just a thought. Have a great get together.
Mac and cheese, slaw and fruit. If I go with the pork butt too, which on top? I'm trying to decide if I should do both. I went and picked up a PB.
I normally put the butt on the bottom and the brisket on top. The reason I do it this way is because my older daughters ex is jewish and out of consideration to him I did not want any drippings from pork falling on the brisket. For that reason that is how I still do a brisket and butt cook. Of course when I do that cook, I do 2 butts on the bottom grate. I like leftovers.