Inject - yes or no

Bruce R

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I am preparing two pork butts and wanted an opinion if I should inject them or not. If I do, any recommendations would be helpful. I am thinking some rub with some apple juice.

Lynn Dollar

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Yes, inject ............ its too large a hunk of meat to get flavor from just a rub or smoke . I do the Chris Lilly Champ injection from the Cooking Topics page at this site. Lilly has won first in pork shoulder at Memphis In May 10 times with this recipe.

Recently, I smoked four pork butts. On one of the butts I did the Chris Lilly Champ . On the other three I injected with Butcher BBQ pork injection, and used Butcher BBQ Honey Rub on one, Meat Church Honey Hog on another, and Meat Church Holy Gospel on the last one.

Mrs Dollar and I agreed that Chris Lilly was the best by a long shot.

And btw, the high heat version is very good also.
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Len Dennis

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BUT (no pun intended ;) ), since you're doing two, why not inject ONLY one and then compare the two results.

As this is the first time (and injections won't affect cook time), it's the perfect opportunity for this sort of side by side comparison.

Lynn Dollar

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Side by side is really the only way I can really judge which I might like better, whether that's ribs or beer or pork butt.

Although, occasionally, I get something that just truly rocks my world. Which happened last month when I did Tuffy Stone's Competition Rib recipe.