1. J

    Mystery Meat Chili

    I've got an excellent recipe for chili con carne from an old Better Homes and Garden Mexican Cook Book that I've made for years. It's not a "traditional Texas" chili by any means. Uses cubed beef instead of ground, and just kicks butt all around. Recently I was given a 4lb unlabeled vacuum pac...
  2. Dwain Pannell

    Tri Tip Sous Vide

    I haven’t posted a cook in quite a while. I decided to hot tub a Tri Tip at 135*F for 5 hrs then sear it off/ get some smoke on it on the kettle via a mesquite/charcoal fire. Used Cajun Shake in the bath then hit it with Montreal Steak Seasoning for the sear/smoke. Served simply with...
  3. A

    How do i do this technique when smashing my burgers?

    I’m new to cooking smash burgers and found a video on YouTube. I have a trowel at home but not sure what this guy is using in this video. And what kind of technique he is using to smash them. Because i can never get my burgers that thin like a restaurant any help? Here’s the link to the...
  4. Daniele Faresin

    Barbecue smoked beef oxtail and wings

    Hi, barbecue is a wonderful technique to cook hard cuts of meat. After cooking the meat become very juicy with a fantastic flavour. I love it. And I love pulled smoked beef oxtail. Here in a sandwich with coleslaw and vinegar barbecue sauce. Together I made appetizer with apple wood smoked...
  5. JSchlegelmilch

    Korean Style Short Ribs

    Here is my throw down entry for short ribs.... My sister was in town for a few days before deploying to Afghanistan, so my family came over for bbq. Had some flanken cut short ribs, so used this recipe. Also used it on some chicken and did some grilled veggies. Finished with some pineapple...
  6. MikeD125

    New toy and steak!

    Its been a while since my last post, its been very cold. I got this grill before Christmas but it has been too cold to use (-30)! So it warmed up, I bought some steaks, so it was time to fire up the grill! The Steaks! My beer: New Grill: Steaks are on: Plated: Just how I like it...
  7. Dwain Pannell

    Gotta thank Tony for his Carne Asada recipe!

    The whole fam damily said these are by far the best Carne Asade Tacos we have ever eaten. Let me explain: I grew up in Texas. I have literally eaten grilled steak tacos my entire life. My New Years resolution is to make authentic dishes. This definitely fits the bill. My 4 yr old grandson...
  8. J

    Carne Asada

    So this is my first time making carne asada and it came out pretty good, but Im going to look for a better marinade. Also, my grocer doesn't carry skirt steak, and the flank looked poorly, so chuck eye it is! Tacos for dinner Tostadas for lunch After seeing Tony and others put up so many...
  9. Jim McKelvey

    Sunday evening Tri Tip

    Howdy folks...cooler weather setting in these days - for us in more temperate climates, it usually means perfect grilling weather and Sunday was perfect! A shot of the back yard - wish it were like this all year! Started the mini chimney - If you don't have one, get one! - they are...
  10. P

    Just bought an 18.5 SMC and joined this forum

    Hi I am Pierce Shane from Central New York. I just found this forum and I believe it will be a great asset to my 18.5 SMC smoker. Just fired it up this morning and I am doing a pot roast on it. I have maintained in the smoke range since 11:30 this morning, real easy to control this smoker.
  11. JSchlegelmilch

    Beef Back Ribs

    When I was really young we lived in Indiana and had Beef Ribs all the time. I had always thought that ribs were just beef ribs until we moved and they were pork ribs everywhere else. So trying to reclaim some of my childhood, and to bring for my Mom's birthday tomorrow, I found some beef back...
  12. Kaz S

    Birthday Brisket

    Yesterday was my birthday. Another year older. I turned 32! And to celebrate this great day I cooked a big hunk of beef and had a blast just relaxing outside in the shade by my wsm! First peak Looking awesome, let it rock n roll on! This was my view. I am a lucky man! Beautiful weather...
  13. Len Dennis

    Thrifty beef cuts

    I wasn't really sure where I should put this. The link contains a list of the top roasting/grilling cuts of beef that are NOT T-bones or rib eye or filets. It provides the various names of different cuts as well as (their) "flavour" rankings and recommended cooking method. The experience I've...
  14. G

    WAL-MART Beef....

    Sorry if this is repetitive - anyone else notice how much better the "new" Wal-mart beef quality is? Price is very low for quality given. Had a couple of filets that were some of the best tasting meat I've ever eaten. Anyone else finding this to be true?