Wings & Bratwurst


Jim Lampe

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Sunday, I soaked overnight 'bout 14 wings sans the tips in all this stuff


i'll get back to the shé~cone in a sec, but right now I wanna show you all a photo of my new wood handle on my '14 Performer


Ain't it Great??!!


This was made by Brian Oneal, and I believe Brian is still a member of this very same forum.
He did a remarkable job and I think it looks absolutely Fantastic!

Ok, back to the bird...



we ate those up in record time, I think like... 3 minutes 21 seconds. Then we looked for more :p
the next day, the grill featured bratwurst from the European Homemade Sausage Shop in Milwaukee
These are made using an authentic old world European recipe... absolutely the finest brats available in Milwaukee!


found some FLA corn to go along for the ride





last night's supper was served with mayo + crushed red pepper on the corn & sautéed onions & peppers on the bratwurst


all you brat lovers out there, drive to Milwaukee, swing by Frank's European Sausage joint and buy up at least a dozen!
You'll LOVE'M!!
Thank you all for stoppin' by!
Love the handle Jim, you're right Brian has the skills! Wings look outstanding too I can see why they didn't last long! That last picture has me going hunting for some brats.
This has probably been asked before, but, is the raised grill on the Performer a discoed part are is it still available?
That handle is great.
Thanks Guys ;)
Sorry Bob, Weber stopped making the warming rack a couple of years ago.... and they're still around but hard to find...
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Brats, corn and wings...nice!! Love the handle too! Jim I had no idea you got a performer..must have snuck that one in the pack when I wasn't around!

Nice post!!
I remember Zavod44 of any previous threads. No big cooking only interested in selling their products, I think that was the main reason is now on another forum. Or am I wrong:confused:!/15/'t-get-any-sweeter-than-this/
But it does not change the fact the handle is really nice.
And even nicer are things on your plate, sir. Wings and brats looks super tasty Jim!

Mildo, Sir, let's let that fly away now....
Brian is a decent guy making a decent living and, by the way, it's been about two years at least, that we have "buried the axe"

no reason whatsoever to bring up the past . . . things are cool... very cool.
Some great cooks Jim. Where did you get the corn? I live in kalifornia and we don't got no stinkin' corn yet
There was a time Jim and I would joust on these forums, but we have put all that behind us. A lot of us figured out how to put those dark days behind us. I think Jim is a great guy, and I was honored to make a handle for the legendary P1GVILION....someday I'm going to go there and see it in person. It is true I'm not much of a cooker, I'm not anywhere in the realm of Jim of many others on these forums. I do cook on my old grills all the time, but I don't do as elaborate cooks as some people do. I am a collector no doubt, they don't call me AGENT X for nothing......
Nice Jim, very nice. Love the new handle, going to rehab the Mastertouch and will be needing new wood handles, and I can never get enough flappers either