Weber Salt and Pepper Shakers



I love my little kettle shakers.

I use one for my rub:

Black Pepper 2 parts
Salt 1 part
Cayenne Pepper 1 part
Chili Powder 2 parts
Garlic Powder 2 parts
Onion Powder 2 parts
Paprika 2 parts
Cumin 2 parts
1/2 part Tony's

And the other for my grill salt:

3 parts salt
2 parts black pepper
1 part onion powder
1 part garlic powder


Side note: since I started making that grill salt I've been using it on everything as a replacement for salt and pepper.

Jon Tofte

TVWBB Hall of Fame
I would jump on that for your reviewed price of $6, but $20 seems a little steep for something my wife probably wouldn’t let on the table anyway!


TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
I have a set. I think I paid $15 for them. They are cool and perform well. The one problem with them is that they have the stopper in the bottom. Not very convenient and prone to getting lost.

Jon Tofte

TVWBB Hall of Fame
Now THAT is way more classy. If she were more open-minded to modern style, my wife might actually let me put those on the table. Once again, leave it to Weber to let our European friends have all the cool stuff. :unsure:

You wouldn't believe how nice the Weber store in Germany is that I was fortunate to visit. Like going to an Apple Store but with all Weber stuff n- including a number of items and colors you don't see in the US!