Throwdown #21: Sausages


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Congratulations to timothy for winning Throwdown #20: Pork Chops! Timothy has the privilege of selecting the next throwdown ingredient:


Think Polish/Kielbasa, Italian, bratwurst, chorizo, boudin, or a fancy gourmet sausage. May start out fresh or already smoked. Serve them plain, on a roll, or "outside the bun" as an ingredient in a casserole or pasta dish. Maybe as kebabs! Use the Weber kettle or WSM. The sky is the limit!

What not to cook for this throwdown: Traditional American Hot Dogs. We're reserving that form of sausage for a future throwdown.

Let's run this throwdown until Sunday, July 27 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time.

Good luck!

P.S. Remember, don't be intimidated! This isn't a barbecue competition, it's just for fun and friendship! Try it, you'll like it! And make sure to see the simple throwdown rules.

P.S.S. Remember, only 10 photos for each entry! Photo collages (multiple photos grouped into a single file) are OK, but each photo in the collage counts towards the 10 photo limit.
Smoked Chicken Sausage Pasta Bake

Decided to enter the sausage throw down with a tomato based pasta dish. I was going to use the performer for the cook but again with 45 mph gusts the gasser got the call.

The main players. Tomatoes, onions. Bell pepper, garlic, mushrooms, olive oil, salt, pepper, thyme, rosemary, and not shown white wine.


Everybody into the CI and on to the gasser for about forty minutes covered on a low simmer.


Next round of player’s Fresh shredded mozzarella cheese, four cheese blend, penne pasta and Chicken hardwood smoked sausage.


Adding a little char to the sausage



Sausage mixed into the tomato sauce


Cheese added and back out to the gasser


Covered and baking at 350 to melt the cheese for twenty minutes


Out and done




Barb made a salad with sliced tomatoes, red onion, lettuce, fresh basil and a dressing made from mayo
and skim milk along with fresh basil.
The dish was excellent and we will be doing it again.
Thanks for taking a look.
I decided to enter the sausage throw down, obviously Italian prosciutto sausages in beer bath!
I love them !

So I went to my butcher to get some brats and also what we colled Luganica salsiccia which is the snake one. I sprinkled both with some celery salt and let the rest in fridge for 5 hours.

IMG_0330 di BBQness, su Flickr

IMG_0331 di BBQness, su Flickr

I set up the 26 OTG for indirect grilling adding some water and some cherry + apple chips for smoke. I was looking for 200 F cooking T. When the Kettle was ready I put on the grate sausages and luganica with the probe inside, looking for 150 F IT. Infact, I wanted to complete the cooking process up to 165F IT in the beer bath later.

IMG_0356 di BBQness, su Flickr

IMG_0363 di BBQness, su Flickr

The cooking T was always round 200/220 F. After 2 hours and 30' IT was 149F and they looked like this

IMG_0380 di BBQness, su Flickr

I moved them all to the boiling beer bath to complete the cooking process

IMG_0391 di BBQness, su Flickr

After 20 minutes in boiling beer bath they were ready to be eaten

IMG_0393 di BBQness, su Flickr

IMG_0404 di BBQness, su Flickr

IMG_0398 di BBQness, su Flickr

Please accept the pics below as my entry pics to this Throw down.

IMG_0403 di BBQness, su Flickr

For more details move to bbqness youtube channel.

Thanks for stopping by.
Enrico, seeing your luganica sausage is a first for me, and I think it looks great.
Weekend was a blur, and I made these Sat for a late lunch/dinner/hangover cure, so I'll submit these as a
Simple Saturday Brat
Started with some COTC spritzed w/ Evo, garlic sea salt and fresh ground black pepper, some sweet onions got the same treatment in the CI pan.

The color was looking good and the onions were nice and carmed, so some sweet peppers came to play along.

I let that go for a bit and had a nice fire show starting.

Now to the Brats.

Nothing special just cooked them indirect until the color looked good, than added a can of beans.

Plated them up with my best paper plates with a good brew. Regular Brats got the onion mix, cheddar brats got the sweet's and both had some Gulden's spicy brown mustard .

Who's next?:)

Italian sausages and baked beans on a Tuesday

This was a casual mid week cook , but it turned out so nice , I was encouraged to enter it in this throw down. The star of this cook is the Italian barbecue links from Bianco's meats in Everett , Ma. These are hugely popular in the Boston area. They are served in and sold at countless restaurants and small markets all over Boston and outlying areas.
so! I took out 4 of these beauties and gave them a brush of olive oil and lightly seasoned them with a mixture of sea salt , onion and garlic powder and a smidge of oregano. Fired up the gasser with the grill grates on and off we go....

I may lose points for this , but I cannot lie. These awesome baked beans were made from scratch by my dear sis in law who is an unbelievable cook. We had gone to a cookout at my brothers on Sunday and she was nice enough to give me a big dish to take home. Into a foil pan and set off to the side of the grill.

Sausages are browning up nicely.....

As the sausages were nearl cooked thru , I plopped them in with the beans so everyone could get happy together....


Possibly due to the effects of Demon Rum ,or just hunger , I have no plated pics to show. But you can believe me when I tell you that the combination of these superbly crafted sausages and the down home beans was just out of this world.
Thanks for lookin' !
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Italian sausage parmsean hero

These pictures are from a previous evening. I made the same thing this week but had camera phone problems. I obtained the sausage from a local pig farmer.

Par cook in the pan to catch some of the fat


Cook the peppers and onions in the drippings


Finish the sausage on the grill


Put them in the pan to take them over to the broiler


Put them on a hero roll; add some sauce and melt the cheese


Thanks for taking the time to look.
Though very similar to others already posted, this is my entry for Throwdown #21: Wisconsin-Style Bratwurst. A great summertime meal!

I used this recipe. (interesting back story)

I trimmed and ground 10 lbs of pork and fat then broke it into three portions for three different recipes. Though this entry focuses on the Brats I also made a cpl lbs of Breakfast Sausage for tomorrow AM's breakfast and 2.5 lbs of Polish Sausage from the book Great Sausage Recipes and Meat Curing by Rytek Kutas for a snack on the water tomorrow.

I had a little bit of help for this cook.

Poached in Homebrew Brown Ale and Vidalia onions for 20 minutes. (corn in pouch)

Grilled with a little Pecan smoke.

Served with ground mustard, sauerkraut, and roasted corn on the cob.

Thanks for lookin at my cookin. It was an awesome meal and most of all… it was fun!
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Dang Cool Dwain!
Wish you weren't so far away, i'd tote some grog over to share with you and those yummy brats!