The Sirloin 🥩 complete meal!


Richard S

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Just a beautiful night to grill on the Performer! Started it off with one of my favorite beers! 0BABF8F7-BDE3-412D-85B8-9A1961AFE6E4.jpeg Put the steaks 🥩 on the counter with some olive oil and Worcestershire and killed some time…
Put some cauliflower in the oven and had some help with some amazing fresh mozzarella and tomatoes 🍅 and some grilled bread and bruschetta!
Fired up the Kingsford! 1E8C4DE0-5190-4A7B-AB6A-452926485FBD.jpeg Did a S&P rub and some wine soaked oak for smoke and seared the steaks, turning and rotating every minute. 7C39C51E-C709-4817-9D68-8E8B7DE4BC9C.jpeg 32166928-4978-4CF1-93C5-85ECB8D8E733.jpeg What a meal! Loaded up on the bruschetta…so good. Sirloin was moist and tender. 47E633D1-EBF4-453B-932E-927BFC3C5F6F.jpeg 0C9C0271-5972-40C7-B31D-D4B50A057853.jpeg


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as always, a beautiful cook. were these traditional sirloin steaks? any deets on prep and cooking method?

Rich Dahl

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Now that's the way it's done. Love sirloin when its cooked right and yours looks perfect. Great beef flavor and the sides look spot on too.
Haven't bought any sirloin in a long time got to fix that.