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I used to work in airline industry. For one I was a Service (gate) agent and the other a flight attendant. Two stories one kinda mean on the part of one person the other funny as get out on my part. A agent I used to work with in Chicago used to take great fun in making an onboard welcome announcement when he opened the aircraft door. (some airlines require the gate agent to do this mine did). He would think it great fun to say "welcome to xxxxx city anything but Chicago" and wait for the reaction. I hated that he did that. If anyone has lived the life of a flight attendant though, you will fully "get" the second one. I was making my announcements just prior to push back and the safety talk. It had been a long day, and we had a lot of "legs" under our belts that day. Of course I misread my little assignment card kept in our lanyard and said "Ladies and Gentlemen welcome aboard Delta Flight XXXX (wrong number) with not stop service to XXXX (wrong city). The gasps and people jumping out of their seats was very funny but then I realized my mistake and corrected and apologized and a huge sigh of relief went up. Sorry for the novel LOL