The Humor Thread

2 rescues, a 16(?) YO red named Levi and a 15(?) YO piebald named Daisy.
Here they are eagerly awaiting our camping trip today!
That’s me walking back from putting some stuff in the truck
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My Family's dogs do the same thing. One Mixed Huskey and one Purebred. The Purebred argues with us cause he's worried he will be left behind in his crate and must therefore voice his disapproval.

If I heard Right we will be adopting a 12 year old Borgie as well from an elderly family member, about the same length as your Levi or a touch longer, but about as round as Daisy.
Not humor but where else to put it? Well, probably Just Conversation. My Wife is at Kroger and snapped this beauty. I had a '77 T-Bird when I was a teenager and currently have a 2004. If I had this one I don't think I'd park it there. Here's my feeble attempt at making it humorous: that guy isn't even checking it out, lol. My luck, he's one of our members.
Based on the Illinois plate I'm guessing the T-Bird driver parked in what was once a sparsely occupied part of the the lot but wound up spending more time in the store than planned (Look, Marge...they gots that Ying-Ling beer!), and other cars filled in.

The guy walking by is clueless. His jeans and shoes indicate he's clearly focused on reaching his Prius. ;)
They can be quite tenacious little toothy critters.
Oh, not ours! They have 18 teeth between the 2 of them!
Smaller dogs are more prone to dental issues, so the vet has to remove most of them. Doesn’t stop them from eating food, they just have a hard time with beef bones now. Which they don’t get often as Daisy has a sensitive stomach.