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Hmmm.. My bike is carbureted, my Mustang is carbureted, my lawn mower is carbureted, my snow blower is carbureted... No wonder there are days where I feel I'm being choked out.

Actually.... yeah, lawn mower and snow blower are probably carbureted, but I really don't drive those. And fixed speed as well, automatic choke and no throttle.

Bob Bailey

IIRC, the last carbureted cars produced in the US were General Motors cars with the Olds 307 engine (circa 1990). There were still some compact cars after that sold by Ford, Chrysler Corp. And GM, but they came from foreign manufacturers.
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Timothy F. Lewis

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I think the owner of that Pit Boss was well into a Pulled Pork cook when the 'timer' was applied to the top of the pellet hopper. Too bad he couldn't get it on there straight. :ROFLMAO:
Probably looked straight at the time or, it could be the parallax effect in “expert” photography, it’s happened to me.
Solo rib cook timing...


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I stopped drinking beer some time ago, but even when I was in top form a 12 pack was as much as I could put away.

No wonder I've never cooked a brisket, and my pulled pork was just OK.

Edit. Maybe it was the left coast IPA that put me down and out in 12.

If I could choke down a ***** light maybe, just maybe.......