Post a picture of yourself! *****


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Here's me a few months ago @ Topaz Mountain wearing my friend's kids backpack with a bunch of rock hammers etc in it..... they're both ~150# so it was a snug fit


Bob Correll

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I'm seeing it, you handsome devil :)

If it's a cell pic and loaded to Google Photos that might be the problem for non-google users.
My cell pics show for some but not others, or show and then go away.
Mine show for me unless I log out of tvwbb.
let me log out and see if I can still see yours.

yes, still there for me even logged out.
wish I could find out the problem 'cause sometimes I want to post cell pics.

Anne M.

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this is me, relaxing


I had a similar problem with google photo's and am now using photobucket.
I want picassa back !!!!!


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Doesn't sound very fun :)
I wouldn't do it if I didn't like my favorite riding area is right next door, so a lot of times I'd just go ride instead. I have 3 friends who like to go out there.... one went out with his family, another has been going out for >20 years and has ties to the mining community and is involved in some programs you might see on TV - that's who I've been going out with the few times I've gone, and another who was the most knowledgeable RIP 1.5 months ago.... I don't have their knowledge but I admire it, I read about it, but not much sticks. I go mostly to hang out, BS, learn a little, camp, etc. Not my thing but you know


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Better late than never. Here's me enjoying my OTHER passion:

And here's my lovely wife and me at a sidewalk cafe this summer.
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Len Dennis

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Thanks to those that post updated (or new) pics! ;);)

AND if you have posted in the past (like 2-3-4 yr ago), PLEASE go back and check it's still there. There are sooooo many x-d out pics because the original host server is kaput.
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I'm on a business trip at The Japan Steel Works. I received a private tour of the traditional Samurai swordsmith shop that they maintain. The Master explained the process to me through an interpreter while his apprentice forged cores for new swords. (Speaking of The Apprentice, this gives a new meaning to "You're Fired":coolkettle:)

The apprentice got the flames to a bright blue color which was something close to 2,700F.

I felt very honored to be there and my children are all very jealous.