Post a picture of yourself! *****



TVWBB Olympian
Thought it could be fun to actually se who is standing behind that grill.

I spend alot of time on this forum and to actually have a visual reference to your name would be cool.

Can be an old or new picture doesent matter!

I go first then:

And NO im not mad/angry/****ed of thats just my camera face

What are you waiting for

Post a picture.
Ok...I'll leave it up to you guys to guess which one is me:

Just kidding, this was from a trip to India. I'm a 6'6" white guy, and people weren't shy about asking me to pose in pictures. There's 10 more of this picture floating around somewhere in India.
I'd post a picture of myself, but I am wanted in too many states, so that would not be wise.

If you're really curious, then just go to your local post office. I am pretty sure you'll find one of me there.
Mark: thats a really good pic weber should get that from you for marketing! ( the stressfull wsm cooks)

Jeff: nice Butt!!

You know what im talking about