Post a picture of yourself! *****

This is ME.

Fishing in Gillett, Wisconsin. Small pond on my friend's property about 100 yds from the Oconto River.
don't know where i got the idea from butt, shawn, i thought you were like 80 some years old.
retired sailor - collecting a pension....
must be the cheap miller beer i drink.
LOL! I "retired" at 37 yrs old (almost 38). I joined the Navy when I was 17.

I collect a pension, but I still work full time. Coming up on 3 years at the new job.
Originally posted by ShawnW:
LOL! I "retired" at 37 yrs old (almost 38).
so... at your age, you could almost BE a "son"

here, i thought i insulted an 80 year old Fleet Admiral... not feelin' so sh1tty anymore.
No worries, man. I'll be 41 in December, but my son is already 21. I'm still married to his momma, too!

I retired after 20 yrs and 21 days as a Senior Chief (E-8). When I retired, I was working for a 3 star admiral, but that's as close as I got to "admiral".

I'm usually the nut behind the camera. However...

Work on the never-ending summer home project: demolition of old retaining wall (followed by building of the new improved retaining wall). At least I can smile about it.
I met Shaun just south of san Jose Saturday morning before we headed south on 101 to Riverside. Shaun is more of a gentleman in person than he is on this board! Here we both are standing behind my RV, me leaning on the SJP Shaun and I traded my unused WSM middle section. My WSM is secured for travel:
Taken last summer at the annual "Mississippi Pinic" at a local park here in Los Angeles. I attended the all-you-can-eat picnic for the catfish and bbq's. The rig pictured behind me was turning out a bunch of spareribs.