Jim inspired Jerky


Dwain Pannell

TVWBB Hall of Fame
WARNING: the USDA probably doesn't approve of this method.

I saw Jim ditched work to do some jerky and I thought I haven't done it in a LONG time so... I sliced and soaked a small eye of round roast in a concoction of goodness over night and let it smoke for six hours in a 170* WSM. I took the rack from the kettle turn it 90* and rested in on top on the top of the WSM food grate handles for the double decker effect. It worked great and SWMBO says it was some of the best jerky she's ever had ...not bad if I do say so myself.

Besides setting the bottom vents to about 25 % open and even closing the top vent to about half way, here's how I kept the fire low:


Here's my double decker grate of goodness:


and the finished results:

It's pretty good. Last time I made it I didn't get enough flavor so this time I let it soak 24+ hrs and it really helps.
Wow, Dwain. That looks absolutely delicious!!! I love homemade jerky (my dad used to make it). Looks like you and Jim have it down! Great job, man.

Boy that Lampe guy is a bad influence on you guys!! Skipping work..ya right what a great way to spend a day cooking! Looks super..I gotta try the snake method!

Nice jerky!!
Looks delicious Dwain! Wife and I were talking about doing some beef jerky in the WSM - now I'm gonna have to do it soon!

A job well done sir!
There ya go Dwain, the perfect snack and trail food. When I get my first deer this year I will post another recipe for you to try. Those look great
Looks good Dwain. I saw Jim do this and I may have to make some Jerky of my own on my next day off. Well Done.