1. D

    Packer brisket on Weber kettle advice

    Hi all, I’m going to cook my first Packer brisket on my 22” Weber Kettle this weekend. I got the smallest packer available at Costco - 11+ lbs. I’m looking for some advice on positioning and cook method -I’m thinking of going fat side down. Since the brisket will take up a lot of grill space...
  2. P

    WSM 14.5 and the snake

    Hi I cooked a pork butt on my WSM 14.5 yesterday and tried using the snake method. The top vent was always fully opened, the water pan was half filled with boiling water, and the bottom vents were half open. All started well, 225 on the nose, but temperatures started to drop and so I opened...
  3. Dwain Pannell

    Weber Smoke Peppery Beef Jerky

    I have made this before. It's Peppery Beef Jerky from the book Weber Smoke . I really like this beef jerky. This time instead of slicing my own roast, I found a cpl lbs of London Broil sliced nicely at the grocery. I kept the temps low by arranging a snake or fuze with hardwood...
  4. T

    Fuse/snake method for a 22 wsm.

    Hello, So I'm wondering if anyone has used the fuse method for charcoal using the 22? I just did an overnight cook and the cooker stayed well at 250 but I'd rather have it in the 225 range. I used the minion method on the cook btw. Thanks, Tony 2 Bones BBQ
  5. Dwain Pannell

    Jim inspired Jerky

    WARNING: the USDA probably doesn't approve of this method. I saw Jim ditched work to do some jerky and I thought I haven't done it in a LONG time so... I sliced and soaked a small eye of round roast in a concoction of goodness over night and let it smoke for six hours in a 170* WSM. I took...
  6. A

    The Snake Method - BBQ Rib Cook

    I have used The Snake method of lighting my charcoal several times now with great results. I have used this method specifically for rib cooks, as I have consistently been getting 6.5 to 7 hours of cooking time at 235 to 250 degrees. The advantages to this method have been: 1) Easier to keep...
  7. Geir Widar


    I've been abroad, to Wolgast's country. That's all my chrutches will allow me to travel this summer. In a freezer in exotic Sweden I found a piece of python snake, and I just had to buy it, even if the asking price was a bit high. 50 dollars a pound. I've searched the interwebs for some sort...