1. Dwain Pannell

    Weber Smoke Peppery Beef Jerky

    I have made this before. It's Peppery Beef Jerky from the book Weber Smoke . I really like this beef jerky. This time instead of slicing my own roast, I found a cpl lbs of London Broil sliced nicely at the grocery. I kept the temps low by arranging a snake or fuze with hardwood...
  2. Dwain Pannell

    Jim inspired Jerky

    WARNING: the USDA probably doesn't approve of this method. I saw Jim ditched work to do some jerky and I thought I haven't done it in a LONG time so... I sliced and soaked a small eye of round roast in a concoction of goodness over night and let it smoke for six hours in a 170* WSM. I took...