1. Darryl - swazies

    WSM heat ranges

    I have a fella I'm chatting with and considering a swap of my Traeger for his WSM. I will miss doing jerky on my Traeger as it turns out being some of the best meat you can sink your teeth into. It makes the MRS. urge me not to sell it or trade it. I usually smoke the jerky at 180 super...
  2. M

    First run at beef jerky

    Decided to give a try at making beef jerky since Krogers had eye of round on sale this week. I bought a few couple pound roasts and sliced a few up . The picture with them all sliced up I actually only used about 1/3 of it to just try a recipe and froze the rest for later. The ChefsChoice 615...
  3. Dwain Pannell

    Jim inspired Jerky

    WARNING: the USDA probably doesn't approve of this method. I saw Jim ditched work to do some jerky and I thought I haven't done it in a LONG time so... I sliced and soaked a small eye of round roast in a concoction of goodness over night and let it smoke for six hours in a 170* WSM. I took...