Getting close to Kingsford charcoal deals?



No sales around here yet so I picked up a twofer of KBB for $17.29 at wally world. Ouch, but.............Praise the Lord, I'm still cookin'.


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Academy Sports shows B&B Chef-Wagon All Natural Briquettes for $4.99, and the bag says 20 lbs. Can't find out anything about it, and no local stores carry it.
One has to wonder how good, or bad, this stuff is.

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For a fin I would try it;)

Mike - LA

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I would too, but delivery seems to be the only option, free on orders over $35, I think.
I would give it a try at $4.99 a bag but it won’t check out with free shipping even when the quantity is great enough to allow. Im guessing the weight doesn’t allow the free shipping.

Rich Dahl

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With the popularity of pellet grills, you'd think there would be a glut of charcoal.
A local farm and home store has Traegers and pellets on sale, but nothing charcoal related.
I think part of the issue is Kingsford is producing pellets now and around here they are everywhere. They probably shifted production from charcoal to pellets so there isn't as much charcoal available.
When I was at HD the other day they had maybe 25% of the pallets of charcoal then they used to have a couple of years ago for the sale.

Todd NC

Our Home Depot doesn't look like they're trying too hard or maybe they don't have a lot in stock. I've been to two stores, each store had one pallet out and one of those stores only had 5 twin packs on it (three were ripped open). In the past they'd have the aisle lined with it.

Chris Allingham

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Good thing their keeping it outside where it will stay dry...
Not to worry. Here is San Jose, our relative humidity is low, our rainy season basically ends in March, and since we're in drought again this year, that charcoal will be staying nice and dry.

Rick P

Every Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day, you could count on Depot & Lowes, to have those $9.99 two-pack deals for KBB. For whatever reason, they seemed to quit having those sales. Dammit!


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I'm afraid the days of paying .26-.27 cents/lb. for KBB are long gone. People seem to be willing to pay close to $1/lb. on new different brands of charcoal, crazy!


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I didn't realize there was a 9MM ammo shortage, anyway I'm fully stocked! Ammo & charcoal are like toilet paper, I never want to run out!


I hate to break it to y'all but all goods and services pricing is going to go up, not down. Gas prices are rising quickly. Between material shortages and the covid break catching up to supply chains, prices are going up there as well. All those price increases are going to get passed on to us, the consumer. And, the worst part is that we are just starting to feel the real affects of the covid shutdowns. Add in the inevitable inflation coming from our government printing money for over a year, and we have a bumpy road ahead. I wouldn't expect the good sales of pre-covid any time soon.

Brian Thomas

No sales around here yet so I picked up a twofer of KBB for $17.29 at wally world. Ouch, but.............Praise the Lord, I'm still cookin'.
The local wally world here has the twin 18lb bags of KBB for $17.97. About the same price per LB as the 20lb twins at Lowe's and HD. Anyway another one to keep an eye on for the Memorial Day Sales.