Getting close to Kingsford charcoal deals?

Our BJs Club has 2 18 pound bags of Kingsford professional on sale for $19.

I like the professional better than the normal Kingsford
Yup..took advantage of this last weekend. Perfect timing. It's a $3 instant no clip coupon...There were several different deals on charcoal going on..AND Cowboy wood flavor chunk wood.
Sam's Club has Kingsford Original, two 20-lb bags for $16.98 ($3 off regular price) through June 13.
I've been a loyal KBB person for yrs, but ever since I tried B&B Oak I haven't looked back. This stuff is probably even better and I plan on grabbing a couple of bags while it's on sale.

You wouldn't think of Safeway where Barb works as a large charcoal center but they do sell Kingsford and a few no name brands. Nothing on sale but the manager who knows we enjoy grilling said that they are cutting back to half on there order for Kingsford because it's not selling like it used to, pellets are the growing thing now so they will be getting more of those.
Go figure.
Where I live the Lowe's ad is May 20th - June 2nd & HD is May 20th - May 31st. That's not to say there might be additional ads before these expire.
If this happens, I don't think it's a national advertised sale. Perhaps a local decision made on a store-by-store basis to have a charcoal sale. At this point, last year's $16.98 isn't looking too bad...we already had that price established last year by early April.
The HD in my area has no Kingsford on sale, and not even the cheap Embers. My local Tractor Supply has just started stocking Jealous Devil, and has 10lb JD Maxx briquets $9.99, 20lb JD Chunxx lump $19.99.

I've never tried JD, but think I might pick some up. Why not?