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Will be taking advantage of this, was at Sams at 9:30 this morning and there was not many people there. I figured that Tuesday would be a good day, give them time to restock after the weekend crowd.

Or you could order online and they'll notify you when it's ready.
My Wife does this, and you don't have to go into the store, just drive up to the pick up lane.


Bob Correll

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I know many of us are not Walmart fans, but our first grocery pick up was great, even though some items were out of stock
Sugar choices were slim, so I had two 1 lb. boxes of C&H sugar in the cart at $1 each, these were replaced by two 4 lb. bags, but I was only charged $1 for each. Another item was upgraded to a better brand for the same price as their Great Value brand.
We will be doing the online shopping again.


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Our stores are doing special senior hours here too. As of yesterday anyone coming into Alaska has to fill out a form declaring where they are going to self quarantine themselves for the next 14 days, then go straight there, and stay there. Most of the bush villages allow noone, resident or visitor, to enter. As to ammo hoarding, I've been doing that for years.

Brad Olson

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Assuming that MLB will eventually be back in action...

For the past few years there's been a "Players' Weekend" where the names on their jerseys are replaced with nicknames and the like; for example, Christian Yelich usually has "Yeli" on his.

I'm wondering if any player whose number is 19 will go with "Covid".

Phil Perrin

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So, we got a letter to give to our customers this morning stating that we provide an essential service as we provide batteries to the transportation, agriculture, communications industries and to local governments, among others.
Which is good, as Mecklenburg county, where Pammi and I live, issued a "stay at home"mandate from Thursday morning through April 16th.
So, I'll be out and about delivering batteries instead of being a distraction to Pammi as she tries to teach 20 6 and 7 year olds who are in 20 different places! :ROFLMAO: :LOL:

Timothy F. Lewis

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The thing is, many people do not seem to understand that things they do on a day to day basis are exactly the way this VIRUS can be transmitted. The simple inconvenience is pretty small given the flip side of the coin is many people becoming sick and dying! Stay home, stay safe, wash your hands and be kind. There is always someone else out ther in worse shape than you (I am) are.
Yes, if I want to finish this kitchen remodel, I need some stuff, I am just going to have to do a few things out of order and STAY HOME!
This is not something to be taken with any sort of cavalier attitude ( not saying you are Larry) this is serious.

Rusty James

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If that article I linked to is correct, and I feel that since summer heat & humidity can slow viral transmission rates, things should smooth out in the near future.

Here's video of the 1918 pandemic...

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I'm in my 6th day of self imposed house arrest, hating every minute of it.
I <3 my house - pool & spa, weight room (I welded a power cage so I can lift safely). Great big garage to work on anything, bicycle trainer, countless books. I wouldn't mind having some free time - under other conditions of course. Unfortunately, I've had to work around a bunch of oblivious people. I was the only person who wore gloves.

**If I happen to have this: it or my anxiety doesn't like caffeine or sugar. I stopped at the store for the first time in 2 weeks & got a few things. Had cheese fries & ice cream for dinner :) blood sugar is ~148 about 25 minutes later & my heart rate is 20-30 beats above normal. I'm about to check the blood pressure again & triple check my pulse. Last time I got excited I took an anti-anxiety pill I was prescribed back in ~2011, that and another the next day seemed to do the trick.

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For the first time ever in nearly 35 years of employment I'm working solely from home on a regular basis. On Saturday I went to the office and borrowed the big monitor from my desk so I wouldn't have to strain my eyes and neck by trying to use the laptop screen, but after several days of sitting on a chair that quite possibly came from the card table set my grandparents had back in the '60s I realize I should've borrowed my Herman Miller office chair as well. Seriously, Millers are the Wagyu of office seating and if I ever change jobs I'll try like heck to get that chair out the door with me.;)

The major downside of working from home is that the fridge is far too accessible. And it's full of Things I Like to Eat, so hopefully the weather'll be nice enough to go for some walks!
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I have hands-on responsibility in the data centers. While working from home (yes, first time since I entered the work force in 1986) is now required, I still may have to go in on short notice. Doesn't help when my employer did not put my name on the 7x24 access list at the client (found that out on Monday, fortunately not on an emergency basis.)

I've been contemplating doing something for the emergency services crowds here, just haven't figured out what yet.

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Our county just had its 6, 7 and 8th case confirmed yesterday. One of the people was on a flight from New York and went to just about every store in town presumably looking for toilet paper, supplies, etc. Right now our county is not under shelter in place. Texas is a very big state but there are 1 or 2 cases in counties you wouldn't have thought of.

My wife is a nurse in the hospital in town and is on a floor where they are taking care of Covid-19 patients. She's had to take care of at least one Covid-19 patient. They have enough PPE but supplies could dwindle as this goes on if we as a nation don't get it in gear. The way exponential growth works, this could easily get even more out of hand.

My point is we need to take this very seriously. It's a fine line between getting so overwhelmed with fear we can't function, and not being afraid enough that we get overconfident. Just because you haven't seen it in your area yet, doesn't mean that you won't. The testing is woefully inadequate. We are flying blind.
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So those of you who freeze finished items i.e. stews and such can you use the sealed bags from the machine as seal a meal? I.E. take the stew frozen in the bag and put it in simmering water to warm, than once warmed into a serving vessel? I had thought about this for my leftover Bolognese thinking it would be a good way to make portions for how much pasta I need for a meal. I always thought if you immersed the bag in hot water the seal would come undone and it would leak. But if not that would be a whole new world for me

Stefan H

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From what I heard on the radio and my sister in law who lives there. They're blaming snow birds for bringing it to them
Not to mention the careless spring breakers flocking to the beaches. They shut down all ski resorts in Colorado days ago. Why not beaches, bars and restaurants in Florida?
I have family in Germany and northern Italy at the border to Lombardi. They are under complete lockdown in Italy. Only grocery stores and pharmacies are open. All other stores are closed. Restaurants are closed too. Some critical business are still open. You are allowed to walk your dog if you are by yourself. Not 10, not 5 or 2 people at the same time. Just one person. No cycling or any other sport activities. Mainly because of fear for sports related accidents. They no longer have medical capacities to treat them. If people pass awasy from Covid-19 relatives are not allowed to join the funerals. Similar restrictions in Germany.
People here in the US still have not understood the severity of that virus. We need people to stay home. My son was working at a local grocery store as a courtesy clerk. Since two days he is now back home with a slight fever and cough. Does he has the virus? We don't know since he won't get tested since he does not show all the symptoms. We are hunkering down for now and staying home. Fortunately I can work from home and I still do my daily daily bike rides early in the morning far from everyone else.
I can only repeat: Everyone stay home unless critical errands are needed. Restrict grocery shopping to less than once per week. No meeting with friends or family who do not live in your house.
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