Bacon made easy

'Dunno' if I mentioned this before but recently I spoke with Mr. DeRamus and he recommends sprinkling sugar onto the charcoal prior to smoking the bellies.
After many years of using Bob’s method, lately I’ve been curing bacon with just 1Tsp per lb Kosher Salt. Eliminates the sulfites/sulfates.

RIP Bob my friend
The reason behind this bacon making was for my son. We have been using bacon in a lot of dishes lately pasta beans, pizzas, but it has been a while since we have just made a pile of bacon for sandwiches. One of his favorite things is a bacon sandwich, which consist of a piece bread, a pile of bacon, and another piece or bread. I like to add a few other things in there.


My first sandwich.

The first was so good I had to make a half sandwich more.
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