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Thread: How did you get into bbqing/smoking food?

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    I've been grilling for a long time but it was probably that BBQ Pitmasters first season that got me the most interested in barbecue. It seemed like something I could do. I wound up getting an Old Country 20 inch smoker and after fighting that thing with an awful recommendation from amazing ribs to used charcoal and chunks on it, I got a WSM. I later learned the offset needed sticks. I still use the WSM a lot and probably my kettle more than anything.
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    I, too, got interested in smoking by watching BBQ pitmasters on tv. It seemed like a lot of fun and a good way to kill a day. Then one morning during a run, my neighbor had put an old horizontal offset smoker out by the curb for trash pick up. I wheeled it back to my house and looked at it after work that afternoon and the bottom was pretty rusty, but still usable. I started doing some research and my first smoke was a turkey for Thanksgiving that year, which turned out really well.

    I did 2 or 3 other smokes on that same smoker but that thing just used way too much charcoal to keep the heat up (it was a really big smoker) so I got a WSM for my birthday a couple of years ago after reading this forum and I've loved it. I've smoked a couple of turkeys and several pork shoulders. I love the process and continuing to learn. My pulled pork a month ago for memorial day was my best yet. Everybody raved about it.

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    Growing up, my dad grilled burgers & steaks only. When I met my better half in '91, her uncle bbq'ed beef ribs & I was in heaven! He boiled them first, but my neophyte taste buds didn't know the difference. After the Mrs. & I moved out together, I got a smokey Joe & grilled burgers steaks & the ribs that I'd learned from her uncle.
    Around that time my work would have bbq's & the GM cooked tri-tip, hot & fast. Learned that & added to my rotation.
    A few years later, my parents gave me a 22 kettle for my bday; my first thought was, "what am I going to do with this??"
    So I bought a couple of books and trashed some pork ribs before I discovered tvwbb & meatheads website. I've learned not to boil ribs & that eating bbq @ restaurants in so Cal sucks.
    I'd like to thank Chris for creating this website that I've learned so much from over the years. Thanks Chris! 👍👍

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynn Dollar View Post
    I had always had an interest, bought a Brinkman water smoker in the 80's but never figured it out.

    Then I found this site in 2002.
    Pretty much the same here. Bought some no name smoker. In trying to figure out how to use it, I came across this site. Figured if there is an entire site dedicated to the WSM, I should just go get one. So I did. Followed this site and learned how to cook. Interesting is that I learned how to cook better in general from reading and interacting on this site. I mean Keriís baked beans isnít really bbq or smoking food but people love them when I make them. Also learned how to grill a pretty good steak too. Itís a good site Chris has created.
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    The local Kroger had a Silver Smoker set up in a weekend display about 10 years ago and I asked how much? It wasn't in their inventory so I offered $25. Went to Home Depot to find parts for mods and saw a Brinkmann Gourmet assembled on the floor with a couple of dents. Offered $25. Modded the heck out of both and became a bbq fanatic.
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