Wrapping ribs

Here is a couple of videos I found one compares ribs wrapped in foil, butcher paper and naked by a competition cooker the other is just a regular guy comparing ribs wrapped in foil and paper. I have never used butchers paper but I don't have any aversion to using foil if you do I totally get it.



It is kind of interesting though both preferred the ribs wrapped in foil. I am sure you kind videos that say the opposite just saying.
Yep, that is interesting. I watched them both.
Since I ordered a roll of butcher paper yesterday, I guess I am at least going to give it a shot. I have always done my ribs without any covering. I also turn my ribs every couple hours but I noticed at least in the first video that they always cooked them back side down. Is that the preferred method?

I might wind up doing a test like this at some point, however, you need some dinner guests if you do three racks. LOL.
I cook mine down don't turn them until I wrap them if I was doing them all the way in the smoker they would go in the wrap with the meat side down. Use apple cider or whatever I use Harry's concoction in the foil or paper as your really kind of steaming them. I have started doing them wrapped in the oven to finish them off pretty sure I just left them meat side up really can't remember nor am I sure in the oven it makes any difference.
Most any super market sells Kerrygold. But I typically buy from Costco for sticks of it and Sam's for the tubs. As for "aversions" I don't call medical proof thanks to brain scans showing aluminum deposits an "aversion" I call it being smart. My mom lingered through a horrible debilitating disease that by all accounts was either caused by and or made worse by the use of aluminum cooking vessels and storage of food in foil.
It's like choosing to not smoke cigarettes. Medical proof shows a relationship between smoking and diseases such as lung cancer, COPD and so on. Is choosing to not smoke an "aversion" to smoking or an aversion to dying prematurely?
Maybe a combination of wrapping first in butcher paper and then with an outer layer of aluminum foil (not touching the meat, just holding in moisture) could be the best of both worlds?
Contrary to what Larry says that it is a medical fact it is not a medical fact and making the analogy of using aluminum foil or aluminum pans to smoking cigarettes and the result being you might get surprised if you get lung cancer is beyond absurd. My father died of Alzheimer's disease at 88 and it is a really horrible disease which is really old to get that took them 3 years to diagnose it we had good doctors ruled it out until they came to the conclusion it could not be anything else and it would not have mattered anyway. My sister in-law dug deep my father was a WW2 vet served on a ship turns out there were a very large percentage of WW2 veterans who ended up with ALS. We were able to get VA assistance and of course they don't advertise that but the theory is the lead in the ammunition was the culprit nobody really knows lots of asbestos on those ships also.

Have ALS patients had high levels of aluminum some yes some no and there is zero correlation with those levels leading to ALS which has no cure. Aluminum is present in some foods, some medications and other things here is a good article you can find as many that say its bad but just as many that say its a non factor.

I said adverse if you feel aluminum foil is a risk don't use it I don't feel that way nor do I feel that spraying some fake butter on my ribs 4 or 5 times a year is going to kill me 66 doing well so far however I grew up on margarine we did not have enough money to buy butter which is all I use since I moved out also grew up with fried eggs in Bacon grease still the best eggs I have ever had which my kids or wife would gag on by the way.

Glad I found those videos on the butchers paper as I was going to try it but now won't bother. My theory on their results the comp guys had is you would need to use more liquid with the butcher paper then the foil as the paper is absorbing a lot more liquid then the foil would so less gets into the ribs, but what do I know.


By the way don't use me as a healthy living example, still smoke 5 or 6 cigarettes a day mostly vape now and drink a bottle of Cab a night. French who have the lowest heart failure in the world attributed to red wine so I am standing by that to prevent heart disease kidding really.
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Well, I think we need to all chill out a little bit. I understand Larry's passion about this topic given the personal tragedy in his family. I certainly won't deny the medical findings he cited. At the same time, when we were debating the risks of GrillGrates (due to their anodize aluminum makeup) I did do some reading on this topic. There are certainly experts who do not believe in the aluminum correlation. I can't say, since I am hardly an expert.

I will admit that when Faith and I were first married I insisted that we buy stainless steel - NOT aluminum - cookware. We were just starting out and got a set at Sears. 32+ years later, we are still using all of those pieces even though we bought a nicer clad stainless set a few years ago. I am not ready to throw out my aluminum foil, but I think I will do my own experimenting with the butcher paper I bought. Aaron Franklin of the Franklin BBQ in Austin, Texas uses it to make beef brisket, and they stand in line for hours for his!
Most any super market sells Kerrygold. But I typically buy from Costco for sticks of it and Sam's for the tubs.

This thread is covering a lot of ground!

I've been using Kerrygold butter since I noticed it at Costco about two years ago. I like it on toast, English muffins, biscuits--anything where I can really taste the butter. For baking, I'm still using Land O' Lake or Challenge or Tillamook or Clover because I assume recipes are written for American butter fat levels, not European.

I've tried some of the other Euro brands like President (French) and Lurpak (Danish), and American made Euro-Style butters like Plugra, but hard to beat Kerrygold given the Costco volume price.
My wife thought the same about the fat levels (she's the baker). Until she began using the European butters i.e. Kerrygold and the like in her baking. She got much improvement. Pie crust is much flakier for instance, cookies bake up with better texture and so on.
I think it has to do with many of the recipes bakers like her rely on were written in a time period where even in the US the butter was "better" and did not have so much water artificially mixed into it to add weight and make more profit, so those old recipes (many handed down from grandparents of us boomers) and FWIW perhaps handed down from their ancestors relied on butter being actual butter not 30% extra water.
Now if she is baking for say a bake sale or something other than family sure the cheap stuff comes out. It is passable. For family though only the high priced spread
......... snip............... if you feel aluminum foil is a risk don't use it ............. snip

I don't feel that aluminum foil is a risk, but that's not why I never wrap my ribs in foil.

I don't wrap my ribs because I'm saving all my available aluminum foil for making tinfoil hats (yeah, I'm old enough to call it "tinfoil").

I wear a foil hat at all times as protection from wacko thoughts which try to infiltrate my brain as I'm reading stuff on the Internet. Plus, these hats offer protection from my Amazon Echo devices when I think about asking Alexa if I should wrap my ribs or not.

If I forget my foil hat, she sometimes answers my questions before I ask them........................ creepy. :eek::eek:Alexa has a very strong opinion about wrapping ribs.
"Alexa......Should I wrap my ribs"?
"No, you should go to the doctor and have him do it"
Last weekend I did a 2-2-1 method at higher heat and used foil for the wrap, as I always do. One cherry and one apple.

I never skip that final hour back on the wsm...don't care what Harry says - putting some sauce on lets the ribs pick up more smoke flavor.

A little brown sugar-apple-habenero Texas Rib Candy for 30 mins followed by a light swipe of Carolina Sweet BBQ sauce finishes them nicely!
I wish I could reach into that picture and grab one of those. Not a big sauce guy how is that habenero I assume it gives them a bit of a kick, did you get it locally? I usually let people put on sauce if they wish might need to try that and give them another choice.
Plugra is another Uber high fat butter, frankly I think it’s better than Kerrygold but, it’s harder to find. Land o’Lakes has entered into the high fat butter game as well. Interesting, that most of the ultra butters are wrapped in foil. Just sayin’.
Chris is right again, this thread has covered a LOT of ground!
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