Wrapping ribs

I didn't even know that. All this time I thought it was from Finland or some such northern European country. Dip me in sprinkles and call me a donut
I’m not sure “donut” is the term I’d use! Merry Christmas Larry, et al.
Plugra is a fantastic product. If you really have a thing about butter get closer to a dairy farm that raises boutique animals, you are never going to find “purity” unless you know the source.
I wish I could reach into that picture and grab one of those. Not a big sauce guy how is that habenero I assume it gives them a bit of a kick, did you get it locally? I usually let people put on sauce if they wish might need to try that and give them another choice.

You can buy the stuff here: https://texaspepperjelly.com/rib-candy/

Actually, the candy just adds a layer of nice flavor, but does not overpower the ribs. My wife does NOT like anything hot, but she doesn't complain at all about the rib candy. It just adds a little bit of heat.
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