What's the price of gas where you live?

Shy of $4 here as well. But I personally don't care too much. I hardly use my car. I commute by bicycle and run most my errands by bike. I hardly ever use my car.
Central Florida. Has dropped from $4.39 to $3.93 per gallon. I guess we're supposed to feel better but it's still a buck higher than a year ago.
$4.11 on the rez today, which is the highest I've seen for them. The tribal members always get $0.30 off.
Our 3 St Louis area Costco stores. $3.58, $3.69,$3.72
Low gas tax and refineries right across the Mighty Miss in Illinois.
Shell in Elk Grove IL was $5.09 last night.
A Chicago millionaire gave away a million dollars of gas yesterday.
Costco premium went down from $5.59 last night to $5.49 this AM. So i loaded up the car so i can drive to buy wine this sunday.

The wine i plan to buy runs around $81.51 a gallon so this means gas is still cheap. When gas exceeds the price of wine, then i'll be skwred.
Had to deliver a mixer to aa customer in Delavan WI yesterday. Met at the Fleet Farm. (combined shopping trip again saving buying stuff with 5% sales tax as opposed to 9.5% in Rockford IL). So I checked the Fleet Farm gas. $3.949 gal. Checked my Costco $4.049. So I filled my car at FF. Delivered the machine, met my buddy we both found some treasures at the Fleet Farm and we went out to lunch. Driving back to get on I 43 I see the sign on the FF gas station go from $3.949 to $3.889! Had I waited until just before I got on the Interstate I could have saved $.06 gal. It would have saved me a whole $.48! Ruined my day LOL
I was out for lunch and passed the gas station near work.
Canadian $2.049 per Liter.
To gallons.

$2.05 X 3.78 = 7.749 per Gallon.

I see people going mental over prices nearing $5.00 we will be at $8.00 per gallon prices here in no time.
Haven't been by Costco recently, but our local station is still $4.57. Been hanging there for about two weeks.