What's the price of gas where you live?

Just bumped to $3.98 and Costco (up a dime from yesterday)
I really dislike the term “It is what it is” but, this is just something that was going to happen given current events. It will subside…sometime.
For 92 octane, local Costco went from $5.099 to $5.199 overnight. Chevron, .6 miles down the road is at $6.19. The Chevron fill up does come with tissues and baby wipes. One to wipe your tears away and the other to clean yourself up after paying the price.
Local gas is $189.9 litre x 3.78541=$7.19 CDN US gallon or $5.63 USD a gallon, "OUCH" going to have to start riding a horse.
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Had to run up to Delavan WI yesterday. Bought gas at the Fleet Farm $3.99 since my local Costco was 4.09 (which was down since last time I was there about $.08 but still higher than WI). Had to do a little shopping anyway so met my customer there, and shopped at Fleet Farm since WI sales tax is about 1/2 of what I pay in Rockford IL.
Barb came home from work last night and told me a lot of customers were telling her that most of the stations in town were out of unleaded regular now. So that means another $.60 + more a gallon for premium, that puts us at above $5.00 a gallon. OUCH!
Well my RAM truck is a Deisel and that is 5.29 here in Chino Valley AZ and higher in many parts of the tri city area. But much better than anywhere in Phoenix.
Today we are at $1.85 per liter ( X 3.785 for the US gallon ) is $7.00 even.
Isn't that just super duper.
This is for regular octane.

I read out in British Columbia they were at $2.25 pre liter........same math is $8.52 per US gallon.
My old truck had a 128 liter tank on it....I remember when filling it when I used to get mad at paying over $150 to fill up.
If I was filling that truck at the British Columbia price of $2.25 per liter it would cost $288.00. Those trucks still exist, it is a fairly common fuel tank size still.
Imagine paying that.
I also worked a distance from home, I had to fill every 13 or 14 days.
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Just filled up at Sams Club. Price 15 minutes ago was $4.49.9 a gallon for regular. Not sure how long that will last. They ran out of all fuel 2 days ago at 2pm