What do you do for work? *****


Thanks for your kind remarks! I don't believe my former agency permits ride-alongs - they did at one time, but, due to liability-related issues, rescinded that policy a number of years ago.

However, like many departments, they have a citizens academy, normally about 6-8 weeks long, that familiarizes attendees with the basics, and provides insight to many aspects of the profession. A great tool, as I'm told that the vast majority of graduates develop a much greater appreciation for the men and women who devote their lives in service to their communities.
I work in the exciting world of dental insurance as an underwriter. Which basically means that I crunch numbers all day long.
I'll be the first to bite on the bumped thread.

I'm a police officer here in Indiana at a medium/large sized agency. Have been for 8 years now.
I am retired from a municipally owned electric utility. I started as a meter reader , worked my way into a sub station job and eventually got out on the line as an underground cable splicer. I could do bucket work in a pinch , but I was happier in a manhole.
The pole jockeys always called us underground guys "sewer linemen" ....ha ha.
I've CAD Drafting Designer currently in the Control Systems, I/E Field for 3 Years, but prior to that was in Piping for 6 years.
I service ATMs, office equipment (PC, laptop, printers and such), pos equipment (cash registers), and so on.

Half my day is spent driving, most of the rest is spent on hold for a help desk of some sorts. I only spend about 10% of my day actually fixing stuff. Lol. Stupid job.
I am currently a process engineer for a large bank but after almost 10 years in corporate america, not my thing, I started taking classes last august to get my masters in education and teaching certification. By this time next year I hope to be student teaching and getting ready for a new job the next fall teaching somewhere.
Retired as of April 25 2014 ! Was an International Transfer Pricing Auditor with the federal gov't.

I highly recommend this line of work (retiree that is ;) )
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I'm an accountant! But I closed my office in 2009 because infarct. Then I start managing a residence in Rome with my wife and a farm near Rome
Retired in 2002, was an engineer for Southwestern Bell in California. I designed building additions and equipment layout designs for growth jobs in our central office equipment buildings. Now my job is to look busy so the CEO doesn’t find other things for me to do.
Glad to see this thread revived.
I'm still retired.