What do you do for work? *****


Stefan B

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Thought it might be fun to get any idea of what people do for work to allow for endless cooks.

I'll start... I work in the film industry supplying motion picture film cameras (65mm,35mm,16mm & HD) and lenses to the industry. The company I work for has offices all over the globe. Most every feature film you watch and big TV series has our equipment on it.
Unemployed since Aug 2009, at the moment play online poker for a living. Started with 600 dollar deposit on Pokerstar's and have not looked back.
Originally posted by Dave K:
I pig farm with a side job in the grain elevator industry at harvest time.

I'd like to put in an order for some PORK!
Retired from railroad service as an electronics/commumications/microwave tech. Ham radio op since 1970. Now own/operate flyfishing shop in S.E. Okla....Sonar Tech,US NAVY '68-'74
I write contracts and do litigation for County government. Pay's crap but the hours afford me time to cook, ski and 'que much more than my other lawyer friends.
I run servers and computers for a small company, currently employing 15 people.
We're into developing e-learning, so the number of servers are quite high compared to the number of people.
Sysadmin light.
I drive a truck. Ok,I really just hold the steering wheel! When I'm not sitting on my butt in traffic,I deliver batteries. Car batteries,not the flash light type.
Used to operate a tub grinder that ate trees. Plenty of access to smokewood. Sadly my father died 2 years ago and his excavating company was not getting paid from people who he had done work for. Along with the high price of fuel that year and a bank revoking the working capital loan the company went belly up. Equipment got repoed, the gravel pit he owned got sold last summer to help repay money the excavating company racked up. I ran the gravel pit up until the sale. Been unemployed since.

I tried to buy 2 pizza places last year. Both wanted twice what my accoutant said they were worth. So my plans to deliver pizza and BBQ have not worked out yet. I looked at a small bakery deli yesterday. Biggest problem is it doesn't have a hood/vent system and only has 1 outside wall on the front. I don't know if that will work out.
Strugglin in retail. Main business, selling outdoor furniture. Fun business, selling BBQ stuff = I'll spend hours talkn bbq to make $2 on smoke woods.

I guess I'm not the smartest mule on the farm.