What do you do for work? *****

Floor covering sales and estimator. I used to install floor coverings. The opportunity came about a dozen years ago to get off my knees - I slowly stood up and said yes please. I work for a family owned business.
Radiologic Technologist - registered in 1978 after 2 years of schooling. Most of my career was in cardiac cath labs and special procedures labs performing angiograms, angioplasties, stent placements and pacemaker/ICD implants with cardiologists and radiologists. Currently working in CT and general radiography and just itchin' for December 9th, 2014 - my last day of work! RETIREMENT HERE I COME!! :cool:
I'm in the nuclear business. My company makes the fuel and fuel rod bundle assemblies that go in nuclear reactors all over the world.
Managed a farm and garden store and a feed mill part time for 30 years and 11 years in a municipal water department and finally said "it's time to quit work" miss the people that I worked with and worked for, but am enjoying retirement. Am 70, but I think I have a few good years left to barbeque!!!
Many years ago I started as a construction laborer, then ran cranes and heavy equipment, then became a superintendent for a national industrial builder, until skin cancer and had to move to out of the sun lines of work. So I sold industrial tools and did portrait and wedding photography for the next 25 years. Now retired from work and enjoying life to the fullest!
I managed printing plants for one of the largest printing companies, been retired now almost 3 years
I'm a senior process engineer for Acushnet Company. Simply stated, I design production equipment and support production for Titleist Golf Clubs.
Engineer, Sales Manager, Manufacturer's Rep. Now I'm retired so anything I want with the emphasis on Q and fly fishing.
I'm in oil and gas, heading up a unit in operational support. Still I BBQ with charcoal instead of our own product, and yes my boss knows
Police, 5-0, Po-po, fuzz, heat, baby daddy removal team, etc. Could go on forever. Either way it's a great and rewarding job and wouldn't want to do anything else.