Vortex T-bones


Clay Neubauer

TVWBB Super Fan
I must apologize, have been seasonally so busy that I've only been a lurker and occasional commenter on this board for too long. However, I've watched what you other guys and gals have been doing enough to think that I should own a Vortex, and after it sitting here for a couple weeks I finally got a chance to put it to the test. Coincidentally, we're also finally starting to get produce from the garden in full force:


Half a stick of butter melting in CIS.


The vortex in place.


Seasoning, with another fine product I first learned about at TVWBB.


Searing. This is the result from approximately 45 seconds, I probably will go to a full minute next time, but it's not far from how I hoped for them to look.


Set the steaks off indirect to continue cooking to 135 degrees or so.


Meanwhile, these turnips were caramelizing in butter and a dash of brown sugar.


Plated up, with the turnips, a Caprese salad, and a Mint Julep. All in all, I thought it to be quite successful and am excited to use the Vortex again. Better go buy some chicken wings!


Bob Ivey

TVWBB Emerald Member
Great looking cook Clay. Only used my Vortex for chicken. Must try this. Thanks for sharing.

Pat G

TVWBB Emerald Member
Great looking meal Clay. You are going to love the Vortex, it does many things well.

Luke P

TVWBB All-Star
The knife you have on the table, the home grown veggies, the table its on... I appreciate your food and attention to detail.

Those steaks look incredible! The feeling of that meal makes me wanna pull up a seat at the table.

Robert McGee

TVWBB Gold Member
Nice show all 'round!

You'll find all kinds of things to cook with the Vortex. I am a fan even tho' I haven't had mine long. I HAVE done several cooks with it and getting better with each cook...(and the worst cook has only been near wonderful)!!;)

Keep on smokin',