Uh oh...

Len Dennis

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And 4000 hogs just died in another barn fire in SW Ontario. Couple other fires over the last year or so killed a lot of cattle. Electrical faults in old (ie highly flammable) barns. :(

Not good for those who can't make their own :rolleyes:

Rich Dahl

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Went to Costco today and the pork bellies were numerous and I bought one, wanted two but the freezers are stuffed already. It's been a few months since I bought any and couldn't remember the price then, but today they were $2.85 a pound.


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There's going to be plenty of bacon."
It's call time :)

Buy April hogs. Buy 69.80 stop. Protective stop 68.20. Potential projection 80.00. (Potential risk $640. Potential reward $4080). Margin: $1480.
Reasons for the Trade:
1. The monthly chart has a buy signal.
2. The weekly chart is triggering a buy this week.
3. On the weekly chart hogs rallied over the 100 avg. this week. That’s positive.
4. On the daily chart hogs have been in an uptrend since the Sept. low. They have had four waves up and appear to be starting a fifth wave up. If so, they should take out the 70.00 resistance.
5. On the daily chart they rallied back over both the 10 & 20 avg. on Tuesday and have held that gain since.
6. On the daily chart their recent selloff formed a reversal bottom. It was that formation that established the low on Dec. 27 followed by new highs.
7. Today was an inside day that can trigger a signal and market direction.

Cliff Bartlett

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My wife spotted this article (the one linked by JimK) a few days ago. I think what will happen is there will be a buying spree and supplies will dip. Went to our Costco on Thursday. They've been well stocked throughout the summer and up until a couple weeks ago. I was surprised as there was not a one in stock. Asked the butcher about it and he told me they'd run out and wasn't sure when an if they would get more. Was in Chico yesterday and their Costco was out also. Hopefully this will be short term.
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