Tried CaseT's Burger Buns


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A simple and good recipe that we enjoyed. I think I got lazy during the mix and forming of the buns. Good flavor, but mine came out with a consistency that was a combo of Focaccia and a biscuit. I will definitely try these again and work on improving my 'touch'. Burgers were between 6 and 8 ounces, just mixed up with a touch of mayo and McCormick burger seasoning. Cooked over K-Pro with some spent, wine-soaked oak cubes from my winemaking hobby. I hit my burger with American cheese, mayo, ketchup (or is it 'catsup'?), Romaine and some sweet pickles. Pretty good meal, overall.





Happy Friday, everyone!!

Cliff Bartlett

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Super looking burgers Jim. I spent a few hours today making buns too. Going to take them on a test drive tonight. I like your addition of sesame seeds. I would have put them on mine, but sadly we are out! :(

Rich G

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Man, those look good, Jim! As satisfying as it is to grill up some great burgers, sliding those perfectly cooked patties onto buns that you made yourself takes it to a whole new level! Really killer looking grub!



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Mayo mixed into the ground beef? I don't think I've ever tried that...will have to keep it in mind!

I got the idea from a recipe that was in the Washington Post. Sadly, can't read it anymore unless you subscribe. But it called for about a tablespoon of mayo per pound to add a little more fat, and a teaspoon of fish sauce for some Umami. Then, IIRC, it was just salt and pepper on the surface before they go on the grill. It also insisted that American cheese be used. Simple as it is, it makes a pretty tasty burger. Now I want one. ;)

Erik Tracy

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I just finished breakfast, but my mouth started watering and I felt hungry for a bite of those!

Nice burgers! (y)

Rich Dahl

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Great looking burger Jim. Both Barb and I are starting to get away from the designer burgers and going back to the simpler ones.
I have the bun recipe and will be trying it next week...I think.