The Humor Thread

Wheel looks very similar to my first car. (65 Buick Skylark). But door handles don't look quite right. Still could be a Buick though
I feel hurt. They haven't called me in quite a while. :cry: :cry:

But, don't feel too bad for me, at least Medicare calls me every day. :giggle: :giggle:
I’ve been getting those on my work phone, which is funny because I’m still a few years from being old enough for Medicare! 😂🤣😂🤣
Carbonated water is water with dissolved carbon dioxide. The oceans absorb substantial amounts of carbon dioxide, and are, by far, the largest reservoir of carbon on earth. The ocean, with around 38,000 gigatons (Gt) of carbon (1 gigaton = 1 billion tons), contains 16 times as much carbon dioxide as the terrestrial biosphere.

Therefore, I'd argue that a substantial portion of the water (the oceans) on earth is, in fact, carbonated. ;)