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GOOD!!! You want to horde items you can be stuck with them.
Hand sanitizer & disinfectant wipes & sprays were getting pretty sparse online by the time I thought to order, so I ordered 2x what I thought I'd need. I wound up with a box of 24 4oz hand sanitizer containers & a bunch of wipes. I was giving some away (here's one for you, one for your son & daughter, one for your girlfriend. When given a funny look I made a pose like I had my foot on a kill & said "when this thing's over I don't want to be sitting on these". I gave some to one neighbor, mailed some wipes, portable wipes, spray, & hand sanitizer to some family. Keeping a little more for me, but I don't think I can be vigilant enough to protect myself.

Jason in CA

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Why does the weather stay really nice all week then rain on my days off? I've got a lot of things I want to get done around the house (like there is anything else to do with everything shut down) but the rain is throwing a wrench on that.

Also I pulled out some skirt steak with the intention of making fajitas on the BBQ. I really wish I had a covered patio. First world problems are a bear.