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made pretzel dogs again last night & they were as good as I remembered. Used Nathan's Cheese dogs, wrapped each with a slice of American before the dough. We just got back from a day in the desert otherwise I'd have liked to have smoked the dogs before cooking, maybe next time, but it was a long day & getting late.

I used thin crust pizza dough from a tube cut into 8 slices to accommodate the 8 dogs.

The difference between pretzel dogs & pigs in a blanket is just the 30 second boil in the baking soda water. I went a little heavy on the kosher salt, probably reduce that a bit next time.

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Just might give this a try for lunch today. Thanks for sharing.


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OK, those didn't last long. I cheated and just used a Pilsbury pizza crust. No eggs in the house, so olive oil was used for the egg wash. Already requests to make them for tomorrow's lunch. Thanks again for sharing, @Clint .





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I just skipped the egg wash altogether. Seems like I've done these with something else - maybe the croissant dough & cheese sticks instead of dogs? it's been a few years I bet. Might do these again tonight but might skip the soda water bath to see if there's a noticeable difference. Seems like cheese sticks might be good, or regular brats with kraut


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no doubt! There's a lot of progress being made like this over the years, probably won't be long until it's not quite such a dangerous joke.


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4:30 am Saturday. Awake because, 45 minutes ago some @$$#©£€ decided now would be a great time to light some fireworks. Professional fireworks - where even the launch mortar was loud.
What is wrong with people?!?

Jason in CA

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That's been going on around here for several days now. Unfortunately it isn't going to stop until about a week after July fourth. Some areas around here will sound like a war zone on the fourth. It's crazy considering many counties have a ban on fireworks of any kind. And places that allow them only allow what they call safe and sane. fountain types that don't spray more than three feet high. Little crackers, snakes, colored smoke, things like that. The fines and penalties are steep for illegal fireworks in CA, yet thousands around my county alone do it every year.