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Just a thought off the top.
It's said we have "free press" here in the US... <snip>
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Chris Allingham

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Nipping this in the bud...media is so politicized right now in our current environment that any discussion of right wing/left wing media is political discussion and subject to our rule of "no political discussion".

Jason in CA

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I was looking though the family portrait thread and besides being evious/jelious, I was also getting a bit embarrassed. My yard is in poor condition since I haven't had time to do normal upkeep on it. And even if I did, I haven't had the desire because it's just been too darn hot for me. My first Weber Gasser is still in the same condition as when I bought it for that reason. I will clean it up at some point though. And when I do I intend to ad my little family of four to the family portrait thread ☺.

Lew Newby

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Some say "getting old ain't for sissies" but I see that as glass half empty thinking. All of the negatives of getting old can be outweighed by the positives. I've gotten to see 77 years of change in the world. That was both good and bad. I'm blessed to have been married to my High School sweetheart for 54 years. I've seen our children grow up raise their families and now we have 3 lovely great-grandkids. While in the Navy I visited many foreign countries and haven't found a place I would rather live than in the USA. I found a forum on the Internet full of good folks who share my current favorite hobby. They're not interested in my aches and pains but they will help if I need advice on a cook or a purchase.

Having said all that I will say "Growing old is great - wearing out sucks." :wsm:


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I pretty much gave up on fishing after spending ~$80 on gas/food/beer/lures one day each weekend. I often said "if I'd have just spent the money on fish instead of fishing I could've eaten a lot of fish". I was never very good compared to my friends, one (or more) whose motto was "you've gotta be drunker than the fishes".

So yesterday I spent >$70 on lures and didn't even get a bite while as usual my friend caught a couple.....I've gone 4-5 times (river & stream) so far this year & have only caught a couple small ones.

an old friend posted these for me not long ago, circa 1998


George Curtis

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Fishing, one of those odd sports. I did it at little to no cost as a kid. Now I see folks doing it at huge costs. Some say it's not the fish and yet they then get all proud with their 8 inch trout. When I see what is for sale to go fishing I have come to the conclusion that fish are way smarter than humans.

Chris Allingham

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I want to buy a new baseball glove and I don't know why. I was in a sporting goods store and came across a Rawlings Heritage Pro ourfielder's glove. Looked great, smelled great. Such beautiful design and craftsmanship. Made me want to buy one and a baseball...and do what?


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I have never seen them do that. The ones I deal with usually remove it as soon as it's purchased. Maybe it keeps the meat fresher until then I don't know

Len Dennis

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Where do I send my entry for the world's tiniest tomato contest?
That's a USA dime.

I'll see your tiny tomato and raise you one TEENY peruvian white habanero (heat level ~ 300,000 SHU) ;)

I ate one of these puppies. Wonderful fruity flavour, got the heat about 30 seconds later and built for about 15 minute. Had some garlic dip (for chips) that helped cool it down.

Took about another 15 minutes for that cool down. But boy, the pepper burps after that lasted about an hour. Kinda weird but oh so good :D
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Took about another 15 minutes for that cool down. But boy, the pepper burps after that lasted about an hour. Kinda weird but oh so good

I don't think it's burping you need to worry about. Eat those hotties and the problems show up much further south