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A bit of a hectic day...Only me and Oscar in da house...Woke up after Oscar screamed "I NeeD to puke...I need a bucket"
Harsh...and we were set of a great dinner andwhatnot. But this draines the energy. He cant keep anything. Goes to the "bucket" after everybite. Now thats how you start off a cooking post.


Start off with some toppings.

Baked out...Not my go to dough but it will feed us

Not all pics did uppload..But i will go from here. Kids pie:

A few including me thought that i get a cheramic i will be able to spit out perfect pizzas. Not really true. Still needs to be an over/under temp battle...This is my setup though. Same chimney bricks that i got since day one that i joined this site(bbq pitboys)

My #1 Pizza out there: Tuna(yup canned) Roasted pepper/capers/Cayenne.(and ofc sauce/cheese and what not)

Great crust..Not really shown after a plastic slicer whent into it. But the only pic i got.

Emilie doesent share my #1 ZA...So she put everything on and the zink. its a bit crowded in the background but hey...After the Oscar/bucket story...Lets just not focus on that shall we?! :eek:


Still turnsout Mazing!

Great Pizzas. Thanks for your time ppl
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My tummy didn't feel so pretty good Danny.........until the pics started!
I got well in a hurry!

hmm, can tuna pizza, well.......
Emilie's 'za looks wonderful!
Hell, Emilie looks wonderful as always!

Hope Oscar's crud doesn't go around.

oh, and Jo's favorite toppings are bacon and mushrooms too.
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I never pass up a good pizza thread. Those pies look excellent Wolgast! Tuna on a pizza sounds like a winner to me and I may give it a go soon. If you ever get the chance try a clam and garlic, you won't be sorry. Now, if I am understanding one of your son's is sick? If so I am sorry to hear that and hope the little guy has a quick recovery. Thanks again, I always enjoy your posts. Skål!
Pizza looks delish, and hope that Oscar gets to feeling better real soon. No fun to having a sick kiddo.
You Saved The BEST Photos For Last... Well, At Least Two Out Of The Three Last... ;)
Great Looking Emi.. I mean Great Looking Pizza Dan!!

Hope Oscar's Feeling Better!

And the pizza looks good also. :)

Have a great weekend and hope Oscar gets better.
I gotta side with Emilie's pizza. They all look awesome, as usual, but I'd select the one she made first! I hope the illness is short and recover fast!
Good cooking my friend, though tuna shall never touch a pizza of mine. That second pie on the other hand just makes me happy. well done you two
It's hard enough to pull off a good cook on a normal day, let alone when you have a kid in bucket mode. Pies look great. I hope Oscar is feeling better and hasn't passed that bug onto anyone else.
Thanks ppl! You are the best! Oscar is still graded "bucket" but he has more energy atleased. Dont judge my Tuna pizza(if it even can be called tuna from a can) it´s so good :cool:

But when Enrico the italian guy prefers emilie´s i might have to give it a second thought.

And i got a PM from a danish guy named Dennis.. with some hints/tips and i really appreciate this. If there is room for improvment im in.(and it always will)

So a huge thanks ppl!