My Smoke Day Meatloaf

Chris Allingham

Staff member
Got my meatloaf in gear, so to speak!

Smoky goodness in that outside smoke ring area...A++

And now for something completely different...


Ed M.

That is one mighty fine looking meatloaf, Chris!:wsm: It is our go to favorite thanks the this forum. Thanks for sharing your cook with us.

Peter Gallagher

TVWBB All-Star
looks like a great loaf - Thanks again for assembling & organizing the troops for yet another successful Smoke Day! I appreciate it, as I’m sure the others do as well….. (FYI: Your dirty dishes look cleaner than my clean ones!)

Jan M.

TVWBB Member
I never smoked a meat loaf. I definitely need to check that out too.
Looks really delicious.
How long did it take on the WSM and at which temp?

Timothy F. Lewis

TVWBB Hall of Fame
Thats not a bad cleanup project, I have found there are times when I need to do the floor too! I like the sacrificial “vented” pizza pan, very clever. Adding that to the bag of tricks as of today!