I've cooked the most good short plate beef ribs ever just by chance.


Enrico Brandizzi

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What happened to me was by chance.
I have thawed a marvelous piece of Prime 4 plate beef ribs by Creekstone Farm.
And I wanted to compare 3 meat rubs I recently received by US mail:
1) Black Gold by Texas Oil Dust
2) Ted & Barney's Meat Seasoning
3) Beef Rub by Moe Cason

So I did the unimaginable: I cut each single bone alone and seasond with different rub (Moe Cason's beef rub got 2 bones due the eccessive fat).
I smoked at 275F with water in the drip pan. White Oak for smoke.

As I supposed, cooking time was shorter, and the meat was a little overdone. Next time I should check at the 04:30 mark time.

What I achieve was 4 FULL BARKED short plated beef ribs !!!

Each bone was super delicious and I finally discover the perfect beef rib meat / bark ratio.

I try to explain my thought. I love beef ribs. Really. Even though I feel their meat really (too) reach of flavour.
My Sweet Wife can't eat any because the taste is too "heavy".

in this cook, the single bone had 3 sides full of bark and, as told, the meat/bark ratio was PERFECT (IMO).

Fantastic cruncy bark outside, juicy and flavourful meat inside.
Each bite was like a meat candy.
I've read of increasing bark by cutting big chunks of meat in multiple pieces, but only for pork.
Now I've discovered a new world.
Probably I'll never look back at the single "hunk" of 4 bones.

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Amazing looking Enrico. I've seen your cooks and your results here are definitely not by chance my friend. Thank you for thinking outside the box and sharing your results with us.
Dang, you make that look so easy. You get perfect results every time that can't be by chance, that's BBQ knowledge, which you have a lot of.
I must say I love pecan. Therefore I love Texas Oil dust.
But Ted &Barney's is really TOP.
Next cook I'll get the best of both, summing the 2 rubs.
Those ribs looks superb, nicely done Enrico.
I also love pecan. I use Deez Nuts, Pecan Rub by Meat Church. I love it. Gonna try that Texas Oil Dust.

Edit: Enrico, where do you buy Texas Oil Dust in Europe? Thx.
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