I am four years old today

I agree wholeheartedly this has been a very informative site for me and help my cooking a lot
Mike just nailed it. The bottom was like a second water bowl with a grate for the charcoal and air flow with no control all around the side. Picked it up for $25 and it did me well until I got my WSM 14.
I had one by meco. It ran for maybe 6 hours before the temperatures collapsed. Had to put a cardboard box around it to keep the temperature up. Wasn't that different from the brinkman my dad used when I was a kid.

WSM was a night to day difference .....it just plain worked

I agree, learned a lot on this site. A lot that translates to barbecue in any smoker.
Yep, if it wasn't for this site, I would be a sane man and have a lot more money. Been a great journey though, learned a lot from good friends and great experiences.