How about some good music links?



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You beat me too it, just at work trying to make the best of a Friday and got a few good tune rolling I thought I was going to revive this thread....!!
I though it was the whole album, turns out the link is only one song. the album is worthy of a listen

Darryl - swazies

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Listening to few old goodies.....
This one has been in my head all day,

You can catch the whole album under this link.
Deja Vu of course.


Brad Olson

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First holiday song of the 2021 season! Yeah, I'm 99.9% sure Sir Noddy and the guys are lip-syncing but it's one of my favorites.;)


Lynn Dollar

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Joe Bonamassa says Sam is gonna be a super star, I think she already is ............ love how she gets into this song


Mike - LA

Just wanted to mention so they don’t continue to be overlooked as they’ve been since the 70’s but Burke Shelly died yesterday. Singer and bass player for Budgie. Great band from my youth and to this day. I’d post vid if I were any good at it.


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So, I'm a child of the 80's I guess. My high school days were a time of Van Halen and hair metal (I tended toward the metal). I remember learning of David Lee Roth doing solo work and having Steve Vai as his guitarist. Steve at that point was best known for his work with Frank Zappa. I also recall listening to both his previous work and that with DLR back then. He blew my mind. To this day, he is still killing it on the guitar. First track is relatively recent, and the bending he does is just crazy. The second, is of a live show in the 2000's. Great talent, great performer.


Mike - LA

The genius that gets overlooked too, Robin Trower. Not only the hard and heavy albums but when you listen to the albums In City Dreams and Caravan To Midnight he could do it all. James Dewar beautiful voice.