Have you got your covid vaccine yet?

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Got my 2nd pfizer shot yesterday morning, felt fine the whole rest of the day - thought I'd dodged a bullet.
Today I feel like I did a triathlon - I am sore everywhere! And very tired...
I got mine a week ago, scheduled an appointment online, got a call within in hour for the J & J vaccine. "One & Done" in less then 90 minutes of making the appointment!
I'm one week into the J&J shot and feeling like usual, although due to the blood clot concerns the county health department did send me a letter advising me to get help if I start to get extreme pain in my legs, abdomen, or head. I called them and I asked about extreme neck pain and they suggested that if that happens I should find a good divorce lawyer. ;)
It's been a few days since that 2nd moderna shot. My arm was less sore than the first shot. I felt a little sleepy that day and couldn't sleep well the next couple of nights but that's probably unrelated to the shot. No other symptoms to report.
Pammi had chills and was lethargic about 3 hours after her second dose, but was fine the next day
One of my neighbors had a bad reaction to his first shot and had to get a shot from an Epipen!
I had no reactions what so ever!
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The day after I received my second dose,(Pfizer) I experienced some adverse side effects. Headache, achy all over, and all I wanted to do was sleep. 3 naps, and still went to bed at 7pm, slept for 9 hours. The next day felt fine. Glad I got the vaccine.
2nd pfizer dose scheduled for 4/30. Just a sore arm from the first for about 24 hours. I just had a friend tell me that if you stay 'extremely hydrated' that can lessen the effects. Heck, I don't want to wash it out of me, but I might just be certain I've had plenty of fluids before and after.
My middle daughter got her second one today. No ill effects for her as of yet.

So our household of 5 has 4 fully vaccinated. Our youngest is only 11 and cannot get it.
I got the AstraZeneca yesterday afternoon....I now feel like I was run over by a herd of buffalo...but certainly a lot more relieved - just need to get past the next 10-14 days. The variants are having a field day here...
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I wore my John Wayne “red river D” t shirt to the first one felt like cattle going through the chaseways, thought it fitting.
Yesterday for the second it was my DC superhero T-shirt. Again, I woke myself up if I rolled over on that side when I was asleep but, aside from that or maybe because of it, I’m sleepy this morning. Maybe I just need a nap!
Got me second one about three weeks ago. Slight chills next day. Nothing more. My son had some severe headaches for two days. But these have passed too. Now 3 out of 4 vaccinated in the family.
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