Have you got your covid vaccine yet?

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Brian Thomas

I got my 1st shot (Moderna Vaccine) 2 weeks ago. I'll be going for my 2nd shot on 2/4. You'll feel a huge sense of relief and stress reduction after you get the vaccine! The side effects are not too bad. I was tired/fatigued and had headache for a couple days and then I was fine. My wife is getting the Pfizer vaccine tomorrow.

My wife is in the nursing program here at the local college and works in healthcare so she qualifies in Phase 1A. I am not in one of the priority groups and thought I wouldn't be able to get the vaccine until sometime this spring, but about 2 1/2 weeks ago I got an email from work stating that FS employees here (I work for the Forest Service) can get the vaccine through the local hospital as they were able to get a batch reserved for us. Wasn't expecting that at all! So I called the number listed in the email and made an appointment for the next day.
I lucked out and got an appointment for yesterday. First dose on board (Moderna) with a return date of 2/17. No symptoms from the shot at all. Arm is a little sore today, but no more than usual for any other IM shot. Wife not yet eligible for first dose based on age requirements.
Not yet, but my wife and I are registered in 4 places.
Our age alone qualifies us for the current level B slot, but like most places the vaccine is hard to come by.
We rarely go anyplace, except to the grocery store, and we both are now double masking.
I've been told I'm only half as ugly as I used to be. :censored:

My wife as a nurse has gotten the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine and should get the 2nd any day now. She's had covid-19 and presumably so have I, although the completely overwhelmed local heath board declined to test me(I got quarantined for a couple of weeks). I lost my smell and taste for a few days and felt a little run down but that was about it. As far as side effect, she just had a sore shoulder where they injected her much like you would with any vaccine. I don't know how having had the disease would effect your reaction to the vaccine. I plan to get it once it's my turn. I'm not going to jump in line ahead of people that need it more than I do. I'm 45 and maybe have a *ahem* slightly elevated BMI.
Nothing available here in the high country, only two sites doing it and nothing open or the site has crashed again. Totally sucks.

Barb went to work at Safeway this morning and called me and said the pharmacy was giving Covid shots to the employees and to get my butt down there and I could get one being a family member.
So I'm good with the first one now.
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They weren't kidding when they said your arm will be sore after the shot. But so far no other side affects.
I got the Pfizer vac this morning, go back Feb 13 for dose two.

It was staffed entirely with volunteers from the OU Med Center, who took their Saturday to get people vaccinated. Big thanks to those good folks. I was having a tough time getting an appointment booked.

My g/f has gotten her first shot and will be getting her second in a few days. MN is able to inoculate far more people than shipped vaccines right now, I'm waiting to get a note from the clinic that my number is up (hrrrm..... that might not sound right.....)
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I felt it when I rolled over during the night, enough pain to wake me up. Arm pretty sore this morning. Maybe a little worse than the flu shot. But no other side effects.

I get my second shot on Feb 13, probably by end of Feb I will have developed immunity. I have a dental appt first week of March. Now hoping Mrs Dollar gets her shot soon, she's still a young chick at 63 yo and did not qualify.
The wife and I got our first today, Moderna, at a mass Vax site...overall, a very positive experience, not the cluster $#@& that I had dreaded. In and out in ~35 minutes, including the 15-minute "cooldown" period.

Beautiful weather in SoCal today BTW, a great day to be outdoors.
Barb and I got our first shots last week at Safeway where Barb works and yesterday the Safeway pharmacy called us and scheduled our second one for February 22. Just glad I didn't have to chase the second shot appointment down.
Wife and I have both gotten our second Moderna shots. She had no reaction. I had no reaction with the first, but the second gave me the yuks for a day and a half.
I got my first Moderna vaccination on Wednesday at Publix pharmacy. My wife is also 79 but I haven't been able to get her an appointment yet. Hopefully this week I'll get through. I had no side effects and no sore arm from the first dose.
My wife it turns out got the 2nd dose a while back. I guess I should listen to her more. I found out I'm in group 1-B by virtue of my BMI so we'll see when I get mine.
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Well outta the blue today while I was having a late breakfast and watching Ozark I get a phone call from OSF Medical Center. Asked me if I was interested in having a covid shot. I said "of course". So she's looking in appointment schedule and says "how about 11:30 today?" I'm like I'm there! The whole process took only about 30 minutes from walking in to being carried out on the stretcher.............................:D
All kidding aside. I walked in there about 1125, I had the needle in my arm within 7 min of entering and then they had me wait a bit to be sure I did not have a reaction. Made the 2nd appointment (I got Moderna 2 part vaccine) so I go back March 2
Surprisingly easy. They told me the first injection would give me 50% protection and the second would increase that to 95+%
Well, my wife and I arrived at the vaccination site (former Sears store location) Monday morning at about 7:50, for her 8:00 and my 8:15 appointment. We parked about 50' from the entrance, walked right in, and both had our shots by 8:30. We stood in line (inside) roughly 5 minutes; the rest of the time we were seated. Our hospital group, which set up this mass vaccination site, had everything running smoothly. We both had our appointment for the second shot in hand when we left at 8:45. We got the Moderna vaccine; my wife's arm was a little sore this morning, but I have had no reaction at all. I hope things go as well next time.
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