Have you got your covid vaccine yet?

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Unexpectedly got a call from Walgreen's yesterday. Said they had an extra "2nd shot" available of Moderna would I like it. Dropped what I was doing and got it. Arm was a little more sore than from the first one but so far nothing to be bothered about. Just happy to have this behind me
Well. Wife and I both got our first shot of the Pfizer vaccine this morning. Twenty five minutes from when we walked in till we walked out. The only side effect was I had a very slight burning/ pinching feeling at the injection site. That only lasted about 45 minutes. So happy. The health care workers in this country are doing a remarkable job. Heroes, each and everyone of them.
Moderna. We just had sore arms after the 1st. The 2nd one put us in bed the next day with fever, aches, etc, but it passed by that evening.

An relative got Moderna in a retirement facility. None of the old folks had side effects, but younger staff did. I've since read in USA Today that "younger people tend to have stronger side effects because their immune systems overall are stronger."

I looked at the side effects as a good thing; my dose was working. I tease folks with no side effects that their dose probably got too warm and was not effective.
My 74 year old mom got her first shot the day before yesterday. Not one side effect according to her. She had covid in January too.

Still far out on the list because of age for me.
Well after scheduling a shot two months out with my health provider, the local health department had some available and was able to jump on an appointment this week 3/25. Then I come into work Monday, and my employer is offering J&J shots (Only one needed) today. So I canceled the other two and am getting mine today.
These seem to be feast or famine, especially as they open up larger groups.
Got my 2nd Pfizer shot this past Saturday at a local CVS.

Sore arm for 24 hours, and spent most of Sunday with that slightly achy feeling that one sometimes gets before coming down with the flu. The symptoms were comforting in a way...it felt like the vaccine was doing its thing. Treated the symptoms with Tylenol, and woke up Monday feeling fantastic!
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