Hanger Steak - AKA Butchers cut....mmm good.


Joe Anshien

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I went to the farmers market and picked up a Hanger Steak which is also called Butcher's cut. I had never heard of it before so I decided to try it. If you also come across one and try it make sure to watch a video on trimming as there is center piece of gristle that needs to be trimmed out. There is only one of these steaks per cow and butchers used to keep these for themselves hence the name. They should only be cooked on high heat to about 125° or medium. Comes out sort of like a medium rare brisket. I cooked it on my WGA over lump.20230723_152341.jpg20230723_171858.jpg20230723_173322.jpg20230723_175304.jpg20230723_175310.jpg
In the UK it's known as onglet or skirt steak.
I've had it a few times and it taste's fab!
Don't see it that often for sale though.
Will do. Cooking it Sunday. Any suggestion for rub, etc. Nice thing is the tendons been removed.
If it’s a thick piece, I’d butterfly it so you get a slight crust and a tender inside and even cook.

SPG is usually enough. That’s how we eat it.
Is it also called "inner" skirt? I know there is regular skirt steak fairly inexpensive which IIRC is actually the diaphragm muscle on the inside of the ribs. But there is the other one which I think is also known as "hangar". If so I found it once. Very good
been grilling hangers for years... do a search for HANGER in this forum... plenty of threads on it.